Monday, 3 February 2014

Lifesavers Tangy Tingles

Lifesavers is an international brand, distributed in Australia by Nestle. Around the world, the brand has different variations beyond the compressed confectionery rolls. In the US, for example, Lifesavers have a branch of gummies, available in boxes and bags. The Lifesavers products are a tried and true product, and it's common to go years without seeing a new flavour or update to the range. The last major revival I remember was around five years ago, when the size of the roll increased by 50% (and so did the price). I can't remember the last time I saw a new flavour. Enter Lifesavers Tangy Tingles.

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The paper wrapper is coloured in green and yellow stripes, and although there's no indication of flavour aside from the name, I'm inclined to think that these will be lemon and lime flavoured. The packaging is so sparse, in fact, that it does not even carry an ingredients list. It's not on the Nestle website, either. The pack does state that the product is made without artificial colours, though.

The lollies themselves are small circular discs, concave on each side (but without the iconic hole in the centre). The pieces are predominantly light yellow, with flecks of a darker green throughout. They don't smell like anything.

The initial taste is a little like Fruit Tingles. It then steers awar from the sweetness of Fruit Tingles  to a definite lemon-lime combo. The flavour isn't tart, but it has a nice tang to keep it interesting. Sadly these don't seem to 'tingle' or fizz as much as Fruit Tingles. (I had two samples and the same issue occured in both.) The flavour, however, is beautifully refreshing. Even without the tingle, I found these tasty and enjoyable.

Score: 4 out of 5 jelly beans.

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  1. I'm halfway through a roll and still trying to work out of these are the same as the old thirst flavored lifesavers.
    Is it even legal in Australia to not print the ingredients and nutritional information?
    I know fruit tingles have calcium carbonate in them, Dr's recommend them to pregnant women suffering from indigestion for this reason.