Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Lindt HELLO Cookies & Cream

The third installment of the new Lindt HELLO chocolate range is Cookies and Cream. This is an common flavour in the market - most brands have tackled it in one version or another - so let's see if Lindt's creation is better than the others.

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Many cookies and cream confectionery products have bundled white chocolate (or mockolate) with crumbs of chocolate cookie to try and achieve the flavour. After all, the cookies and cream idea originally sprouted from the combination of cookies and ice cream. Lindt goes a little further and has used a 'cream filling' in their bar to replicate the idea of ice cream, rather than white chocolate.

As with the rest of the HELLO range, the packaging is sharp in black foil with coloured highlights - this time gold - plus an image of a cookie alongside a cross-section of the bar. The product line says the bar is 'milk chocolate with cookies and cream filling'. No spectacular or broad claims, just a simple description.

The narrow finger is moulded into six bite-size sections, with the filling spread evenly throughout. The milk chocolate (containing a minimum of 30% cocoa solids) is a soft, warm brown, and smells sweet and milky, and a lot like the Lindor milk chocolate. The centre filling is cream coloured and dense, and dotted with small brown pieces of biscuit. It has a mild vanilla taste, and the crunchy biscuit pieces are strongly chocolate, like Chocolate Ripple. Although not creamy like ice cream, the centre has a nice sweetness about it.

The outer milk chocolate mostly overrides the flavour of the cream, leaving a bite that is just chocolate and crunchy pieces of biscuit.  The biscuit pieces are extremely fresh and crunchy, and full of flavour.

Score: 3.5 out of 5 jelly beans.

Lindt HELLO Cookies & Cream is made in Germany. It contains milk, wheat and barley. It may contain hazelnuts and almonds.


  1. Irrelevant to this specific post but, you should check out the few new lollies that have appeared in supermarkets this week. Firstly are the "sour patch kids", I've seen these in both woolies and coles. The other one I have seen are the "squishy bugs" by the natural confectionary co, only seen these in coles.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I already have TNCC's Squishy Bugs in the review basket to be tackled shortly, but will keep an eye our for Sour Patch Kids! From memory they are American/from the American market, so good to see them released here!