Thursday, 6 February 2014

Lindt Excellence Cherry Intense

Lindt is well-known for their quality Swiss-made chocolates, and also for interesting flavour additions to their chocolate block range. The Excellence 100g blocks have a wide variety of flavours; some that I have reviewed in the past include Passionfruit Intense and Strawberry Intense. One of my favourite flavours in this range is the Touch of Sea Salt blocks, where tiny grains of sea salt beautifully complement the rich dark chocolate.

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The Cherry Intense block is based on dark chocolate that contains a minimum of 48% cocoa solids. The cherry flavour is from what is listed in the ingredients as 'cherry preparation'. 34% of the preparation is from cherry puree, but it also includes apple, pineapple fibres, and colouring juice concentrate that comes from elderberry and chokeberries. You can't fault Lindt for getting creative with their ingredients! The block also contains almond slivers.

As to be expected from Lindt, the block is in immaculate condition, with a fine sheen to the medium-brown chocolate. On the underside of the block, the texture of the almond slivers is visible. The chocolate has a rich and realistic cherry scent to it that is far from artificial. It's a little like black forest cake.

From the first bite, the cherry flavour is evident. It tastes quite similar to how it smells: rich and somewhat liqueur-like,  with the smooth dark chocolate as a nice complement. The almond slivers add texture, but I'd prefer the block to be without them as I feel it detracts from the beauty of the flavour combination.

Score: 4 out of 5 stars.

Lindt Excellence Cherry Intense contains milk and almonds. It may contain hazelnuts.  The block is made in Switzerland.

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  1. Sounds delicious. This was just announced for launch in the UK too, I can't wait to try it!