Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Coles Pretzel Caramel Cravings

Not long ago I reviewed the first of Coles' four new chocolate mixes, Popcorn Honeycomb Passion. Next up is Pretzel Caramel Cravings, a mix of salty pretzels 'nuggets' of creamy caramel and milk chocolate.

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Unlike our friends in the US, Australia seems to miss out when it comes to items containing or using pretzels. On the US market, you can find pretzel M&M's (which are awesome, by the way), chocolate-covered pretzels, and mixed bags with pieces of pretzels alongside bite-size pieces of chocolate. Australia gets plain pretzels, and that's it. Oh, and this new release from Coles.

As the name suggests, Pretzel Caramel Cravings consist mainly of pretzel pieces and 'nuggets' of caramel, along with a coating of milk chocolate. The bite-size pieces aren't exactly sweet to look at - they look a lot like a Cadbury Picnic bar - but they don't hide anything, either. The milk chocolate layer is thin, in places allowing pretzel or caramel to poke through. The pieces are a bit scuffed too, but I don't have any broken pieces. Each bite is about 3.5cm wide and 1.5cm tall.

The smell of the chocolate is strong; it's very milky and sweet. The texture between the different elements is very interesting. The pretzel pieces were fresh and had a reat crunch, but I found the caramel pieces to be quite firm and annoying. The pretzel taste is very prominent, with a little addition of salt here and there. The caramel flavour is barely detectable. And to be honest, the milk chocolate just served as a method to hold all the elements together; I didn't get a strong taste of it either, but instead little hints to sweeten up the presence of the pretzel.

I really like chocolate-covered pretzels, so even with the annoying pieces of caramel, I found these very moreish. If you're not a fan of salt in your chocolate, or if you don't like pretzels, then chances are these won't do anything for you.

Score: 3.5 out of 5 jelly beans.

Coles Pretzel Caramel Cravings contains gluten, milk and soy, and may have traces of egg and tree nuts present. They are made in the United Kingdom.

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