Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nestle Kit Kat Cookies and Cream

I think it's cookies and cream season!

The last two seasonal releases we've seen in the four-finger bar from Kit Kat did not impress me greatly - which is odd as I'm quite a fan of the milk chocolate version. White, from late 2012, was a flop as the white mockolate was the big letdown, and Caramel Duo, from May last year, was just weak-flavoured. Hopefully Cookies and Cream will be the one to lift the game for Kit Kat - even if the flavour is unoriginal!

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The 45g bar is wrapped in the matte foil packaging common to much of Nestle's products, with the large red and white oval logo taking up much of the front. The pack also features a picture of an Oreo-esque biscuit over a cream-coloured background speckled with what are presumably biscuit crumbs. The fingers shown on the packet look similar to a standard Kit Kat four-finger, but with the top layer of milk chocolate replaced with a 'white choc' (there's those magic words again) and biscuit crumb mix. The wafers look to have been swapped out for chocolate-flavoured ones, too - they are quite a bit darker than usual.

For once, the bar is similar to the cross-section shown on the packet. The top layer looks like white chocolate, with tiny biscuit crumbs mixed in. They're not even crumbs, really - more like specks - and I can't see them adding any texture to the bite.. To its credit, the bar does smell sweet, biscuity, and appealing. My bar was a little bit heat affected as you can see in the pictures. Interestingly, only the milk chocolate base was affected, and not the white choc top.

Inside, the wafer slices are thin and crisp, and between them appears to be some sort of chocolate sauce. It's on the thin side, and glossy.

The taste is surprisingly flavourful. Altough it's nothing like the cookies-and-ice cream flavour I was looking for, it's a sweet, somewhat milky flavour, and quite chocolately. The wafers are fresh and add a great texture to the chew. As predicted I couldn't feel any of the cookie crumbs, and unlike the unhappy sensation I got with Kit Kat White, I had no issues with the white choc coating melting in my mouth (although it was considerably slower melt than the milk chocolate). I can't say that the cookie pieces added anything to the flavour - I feel like it mostly came from the wafers - but I still enjoyed the bar.

Score: 4 out of 5 jelly beans

Nestle Kit Kat Cookies and Cream is made in Australia. It contains milk, wheat and soy, and is made on equipment that processes products containing peanuts and tree nuts.


  1. Is it the same as the cookies and cream third of the chunky bar?

    1. Hmm. I'm not sure, Chris! The Chunky 3 bars are supposed to be fudge/sauce/crisp. I looked back t my review of the Chunky 3 Cookies and Cream and the crisp section had large pieces of biscuit, whereas the coating on this 4-finger Kit Kat has finely ground pieces of biscuit. The crumbs are so microscopically small that even on tasting the coating alone, I was unable to feel any texture from it.

      So I suppose you could say they are similar. I unfortunately didn't take a photo of the back of the cookies and cream wrapper, so can't tell you if the Chunky 3 uses white mockolate or chocolate in that section. The texture, of course, is extremely different, but I couldn't tell you if the cookie pieces are from the same type of cookie.

      I hope that helped!