Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Nestle Kit Kat Choc Whirl

Choc Whirl is a new variety of Kit Kat, the world-famous chocolate block and bar from Nestle. Unlike its brother Choc Mint Whirl, Choc Whirl is only available in the large 170g block (whereas you can find Choc Mint in the block and medium and king size bars). They were released together a few months back. I also believe Choc Whirl is unique to Australia as well.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Mars Pods Raspberries and Cream

I love Pods. I want to hug whatever genius came up with these crunchy little nuggets of delight. They're unique to anything else on the market, with that crunchy biscuit cup filled with deliciousness. And yet they don't seem to get a lot of love, or a huge advertising budget. But Mars continue to roll out new flavours for our crunchy bitesize biscuits, for which I am grateful! Raspberries and Cream is our next new seasonal flavour, following the crumb trail left by its cousin Cookies and Cream.