Sunday, 16 February 2014

Mars Limited Edition Choc Loaded

Does this look familiar to anyone else? That would be because back in 2006 and 2011, Mars released a triple-choc version of their classic Mars Bar. Although I couldn't find even a picture of the release, a forum post from 2006 indicates that Mars Bar XXX (Triple Choc) contained chocolate nougat and chocolate caramel - which, if you take a look at the product description on the Choc Loaded bar that reads: "chocolate nougat and chocolate caramel covered in thick milk chocolate", is awfully similar!

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The 2014 version has a fairly understated wrapper. It maintains the standard black, red and gold colours, with an added swath of royal blue across the right side of the front wrapper. The bars is also a standard weight at 53g - sometimes the limited additions weigh a little less than their regular counterparts. The wrapper also carries the Rainforest Alliance Certified logo, and the wrapper goes on to explain: "All our cocoa volume for Mars bars comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms and is traceable to our factory, helping protect the environment and support farmers."

Outer outer layer of chocolate is darker than usual, and more of a muddy brown with a warm tinge. It's a solid little block, and smells strongly of cocoa and sugar. It's rich, but not milky. As expected, the interior of nougat and caramel are darker than those used in the standard Mars bars. The caramel is quite red, and the layer is thick. By itself, it tastes a lot like a chocolate eclair lolly - sweet and caramelly.

The outer chocolate layer is thicker, about 2mm thick on average. It's sweet, but not as sweet as a standard bar. The nougat is quite stiff and firm. Most of its flavour comes from the rest of the bar. All together, the bar is sweet and dominated in flavour by both the caramel and the outer chocolate layer. The nougat adds a good firm texture to the chew, and overall the bar is not as sickly-sweet as I expected. There's a bit of a milky note too.

It's a pleasant, chocolately bar that heads in a somewhat different direction to its standard counterpart.

Score: 4 out of 5 jelly beans.

Mars Limited Edition Choc Loaded contains a minimum of 25% cocoa solids and 20% milk solids in the milk chocolate.The bar contains wheat, soy, egg and barley. It may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.

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  1. Love these - much prefer them to ordinary Mars Bar and most other chocolate bars on the market.

    I gather they didn't take off as my local Coles was selling them for $1.00 each when ordinary Mars Bars were full price, and now no longer sells them. Just as well - I'd buy three, intending to have one each second day, so they'd last me a week, and would end up eating them the day I bought them.