Sunday, 7 October 2012

Ring Pop Spinners

Everyone remember Ring Pops? The gigantic lollypop on an uncomfortable plastic ring? Yep, they've reinvented the wheel and pushed out a new version - Ring Pop Spinners.

Available in four flavours, the Ring Pop Spinner is your average Ring Pop, with the addition of a patterned cardboard circle that slips onto the plastic base, and you can then use the base as a spinning top. There are nine cardboard patterns to collect, as illustrated on the back of the packet. The four flavours available are blackcurrant, orange, cola and strawberry. I picked up the orange for review.

Ring Pops are still as huge as I remember. The actual gem lollypop part measures a bit over 2.5cm tall, and is the same at the widest point (the base, by comparison, is just 1.5cm). It's a pretty decent-sized mouthful, whether you're a kid or an adult. I can't tell from photos online if the base has been modified to allow it to spin or not.

The lollypop is quite transparent but not quite clear, adding to its gem-like appearance, with a few tiny bubbles scattered throughout. There are no voids or large bubbles, which should mean it will be a smooth melt. The edges of the mould are already slightly smoothed-off, helping to avoid those nasty mouth cuts I'm sure many of us remember from childhood.  Disappointingly, there's no scent, and the flavour is mild, like watered-down cordial. There's no zing or kick, although that's to be expected when the only flavouring is from sugar and ambiguous 'flavouring'.

I finished it quickly in about 20 minutes. For what it's worth, the spinning was interesting (my pattern was half black, and the other half had four sections of  lines in a jagged fashion) but not a motivating factor in purchasing this again. I played with it for thirty seconds and then binned it.

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