Monday, 15 October 2012

Nestle Kit Kat Limited Edition White

In one of the more curious limited edition releases this year, Nestle has released a White variety of their classic Kit Kat bar. Interestingly, the LE flavour seems to be only available in king size.

The first thing I noticed is that the description on the side of the package describes the bar as "Crisp Wafer Fingers Covered With Smooth White Choc" [horrendous overuse of capital letters courtesy of Nestle]. The red flag is the word 'choc', which indicates that the outer layer on the bar is not real chocolate but instead some delicious mockolate. Awesome. Just to confirm my thoughts, on the ingredients list, cocoa (not even cocoa butter, just 'cocoa') is way down in seventh place, behind delicacies such as vegetable fat and yeast. Cocoa butter is ninth out of fourteen total ingredients. Oh, and 70% of this bar is this delicious 'white confectionery'.

To give Nestle credit, the bar's outer layer does smell a little like white chocolate. There's that buttery, creamy tang that reminds me of Cadbury's Dream white chocolate (in which cocoa butter is the third ingredient) but there's a note of something there that I can't identify. It's a little bit chemical in nature. The colour is spot-on, although the shape of the finger and its sharp edges, combined with the bars faint gloss coating, all makes me feel like it resembles a Lego brick.

The finger has a solid snap to it, indicating freshness (probably due to the foil packaging Nestle introduced a few years ago). If there's supposed to be identifiable white confection between the wafer layers, I can't see it. It's the same colour as the wafers so even if I wanted to try and dig a bit out for a tasting, I couldn't.

As a whole bite, the bar isn't terrible. There is a fair bit of sweetness, but it's not throat-searing like some poorly manufactured white chocolates can be. It is a little bit bland and uninteresting though. The almost-savoury wafer does  a good job of balancing things out, and adding a great crunch texture to the chew. Unsurprisingly, the white confection doesn't melt or become a delicious creamy mess in your mouth. It just hangs around until you've finished, like an unwanted visitor.

The Nestle Kity Kat Limited Edition White bar contains milk, wheat and soy, and is mad eon equipment that processes products containing peanuts and tree nuts.


  1. Can you still buy this in Australia???

    1. It was a limited edition flavour, so I believe its edition has finished. But, keep an eye out at smaller stores as you might find some stock hidden away. :)