Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Chupa Chups Caramel

I was excited when I heard at the Accredited Trade Show back in July about a new Chupa Chup flavour to be launched in the Australian market. From what I can find online, I don't think this is a flavour new to the world, as I can find references to it in the UK, and ltos of caramel-flavoured Chupa Chup lipgloss (?), but it is new to our little island market.

As one would expect, it's a 'milky' Chupa Chup (opaque) and skim milk powder is included in the ingredients list. It's been ages since I last had a Chupa Chup (plus I don't particularly enjoy the milk ones anyway), but I was surprised to find 'with milk' written on the wrapper beneath the 'caramel flavour' tag. The wrapper itself is an orangey-colour with pale green-yellow lines, and includes little pictures of caramel being poured as the graphical representation of flavour. The colour reminds me a lot of orange Chupa Chups (RIP *sniff*).

The lollypop itself is a muted dark tan or medium brown colour, complete with moulding markings. Happily, it smells delightful: warm, gentle notes of what smells like caramel topping. It's sweetish but not overpowering like you might find in a fudge. On tasting, the sweetness comes to the forefront, sharpening the previously mellow brown sugar flavours. It's a lot like a strong caramel milkshake, especially with the bright-but-not-overpowering sugar flavours. The melt is smooth and there is very little grain texture, plus I was lucky enough to not have any air bubbles. (Yay for no mouth cuts.)

I usually give up on lollypops after a while and crunch them, but I took this one all the way through. If I'm looking in the future for a long-lasting caramel flavour hit, this will be the one I choose.

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