Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cadbury Mousse Raspberry Chocolate

Last year Cadbury released their 'Mousse' blocks in three flavours: Caramel, Hazelnut and Chocolate. For something a bit different, the pieces were large triangles, each one roughly the width of the block. The interior was filled with fluffy chocolate mousse (flavoured as needed). Although they were delicious, they were very sweet, a factor not helped by the large pieces.

To coincide with the two new flavours released recently (Raspberry Chocolate and Double Chocolate), Cadbury has changed the shape to 'pillow-shaped bites', large rectangles that are roughly the size of two square puffs (the shape that contains flavours like Caramello or Turkish Delight) smushed together. The result is not a block contains 12 pieces (compared to about eight pieces in the prior format). The top of each bite is emblazened with the curly C of the Cadbury logo (rather than the entire word).

There's also slightly new packaging. Instead of being a top-opening box, the new Mousse blocks now open like an envelope on the long side, and it allows more elegantly tuck away the flap between samples. Even the foil has changed, moving to a floral design on the matte outer.

As with all Dairy Milk products, the chocolate is a warm milky brown, glossy and pristine. I have the Raspberry Chocolate version here for review, and the raspberry scent is very strong on these.Even before I tore open the pretty (but feminine) foil I could smell it. I bet this is the type of product to give your storage spot a new scent if you're not careful. At least it's an attractive scent - like a more flavourful berry jelly with hints of cocoa.

The layer of raspberry coulis (thick sauce) is quick thick. I don't know if you can see it well in the photos but there isn't a whole lot of mousse going on here. I'm not all that disappointed though. The coulis is fantastic. By itself, it tastes sweet but tart like a real raspberry (and - woohoo!) it does contain real raspberry puree) and is delightfully refreshing. It's smooth and melts well. The mousse, when I could get to it, is firm, but not as stiff as a truffle, and tastes like a mild, softer version of Dairy Milk.

Add the typically-sweet Dairy Milk chocolate outer layer, and ooh baby we're onto a winner. What looks like a lot of coulis is actually a perfect amount to offset the sweetness of the chocolate. It's still a very sweet bite and you probably won't want more than a few pieces at a time, but the tart raspberry is a perfect accompaniment.

If I gave stars on this blog you can get that this would be a five-star review.

(I just want to note that while Cadbury generally do a good job of sealing the pieces so that the filling doesn't escape, I did have a couple of instances where the coulis tried to make a run for it. I would recommend wrapping this in a ziplock bag or something else airtight if you have a problem with ants.)

Now, can someone get the coulis recipe from Cadbury so we can add some booze to it? This would be incredible over vanilla bean ice cream.


A serving size is 25g, or two pieces. The Cadbury Mousse Raspberry Chocolate contains milk and milk solids, wheat, soy, glucose syrup and hazelnut. It may contain traces of peanuts, other tree nuts, egg and wheat.

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