Saturday, 27 October 2012

Gossip: Mars Minstrels

I know some of my readers love the bags of Minstrels chocolates that Mars imported earlier in the year.  I have some sad news for you guys.

The Minstrels were brought into Australia by Wolworths and Coles on what is called a 'job lot'. Basically it means a seller (in this case, Woolies and Coles) requested a product to be imported. The sad news about this is that the stock is limited and won't stay around forever. Once it's sold out, it is gone.

I've seen Minstrels on clearance for $1.99 at Woolworths a couple of weeks ago (stock was still good through 2013). If you're a fan of these, I suggest snapping them up now before they run out!


  1. Bought 10+ bags at Oakleigh Coles for $1.00 yesterday :D

    1. Knox City Coles had them on clearance for $1 per bag as well, so it sounds like it will be at least statewide until they are all gone!

  2. Odd this one.
    Woolies have sold them for a while now (and still do) but they are obviously imported from the UK. The price reflects this ($5 a small bag).
    Then they appeared in Coles some months ago but these were a bigger bag and a lot cheaper. But the labelling on the bags suggested that they were made here in Australia.