Monday, 11 August 2014

Nestle Kit Kat Bites

My first experience with Kit Kat Bites wasn't today - it was actually a few years ago. Flash sale site Grocery Run (an off-shoot of the more popular Catch of the Day) was selling imported confectionery, and among them were a medium-sized bag of Kit Kat Bites. Intriguied, I bought them (alongside other American candy), and when they arrived I promptly devoured the bag. This was before my days as a lolly reviewer, so I don't have the wrapper and can't even tell you the country of origin, but I remember that I enjoyed them enough to go searching my local stores for the red foil bag. Of course I was sorely disappointed and came home empty-handed. Now they're here - so let's see if they are as good as I remember.

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The bag is instantly recognisable in bright red foil, even without the large Kit Kat logo taking up half of the front side. It's a reasonable 140g in size, but feels like it contains more. The bag itself has a proper resealable zip-lock (better than the lame 'resealable' bags that come with a sticker) to both keep contents fresh and encourage portion control. On the front, the bites are described as 'Bite size pieces of crispy wafer covered in smooth milk chocolate'. The chocolate is also UTZ certified.

Nestle is trying its hardest to encourage portion control; along with the ziplock feature of the bag, there's also a one-inch circle stating that one portion is nine Kit Kat Bites on the back of the pack. It's right in the centre, so not hard to miss. And really, nine pieces isn't too bad. That's about a small handful.

The bag has a rich cocoa scent, a little sweet and very delicious. Each Bite is about a little square, and they are irregular in size, varying from 1cm to 1.5cm in width. The pieces have been panned to receive their chocolate coating, and finished off with a glossy glaze. All are in great condition; none of the pieces in my bag had lost their chocolate coating.

As illustrated on the front of the package, each Bite is made from layered wafer, just like in a Kit Kat finger. The outer chocolate coating is of a reasonable thickness, enough to add a slight chocolate flavour with overpowering the centre. The wafer slices are fresh and crunchy, adding a great texture combination to the chew. The chocolate cream between the wafers is sweet, making for a delightful piece.There's a good balance; the bag even gives me a handy comparison rate in that there is 57% milk chocolate to 43% wafer (roughly, as each Bite varies in size). I think that's a good ratio; Kit Kat fingers can get extra sweet due to the higher amount of chocolate compared to the wafer.

They're very moreish. You can eat one at a time, or pop several in your mouth, like M&M's. They would probably be a good cake topper too, if you're into that sort of thing. Either way, I can see that this bag isn't going to last very long!

Score: 5 out of 5 jelly beans

Nestle Kit Kat Bites are made in Bulgaria.  They contain milk and wheat.

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  1. We used to get these in the UK too although I haven't seen them for a while now. We also had Kitkat Kubes which didn't last for long. People here don't like the idea of bite-size Kitkat pieces, it seems.