Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Lindt Creation Sublime Mint

Last year, Lindt & Sprungli added yet another version of their Swiss chocolates to their constantly growing range: Creation. The initial release of the flavoured 100g blocks included Velvety Vanilla Almond, Creme Brulee, Divine Hazelnut and Sumptous Dark Orange. The first three are milk chocolate, while the later is made using dark chocolate. Recently Lindt added another dark chocolate block to the range: Sublime Mint.

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The block is described as 'a luxurious layer of mint coulis on top of a soft vanilla truffle bed with crisp pieces of cocoa nib, encased in rich dark chocolate.' In typical Lindt style, it's a modern and inspired take on the classic mint chocolate block that uses flavoured fondant (I'm looking at you, Cadbury Dairy Milk Peppermint). The chocolate layer contains a minimum of 47% cocoa solids, so while it's dark, it's at an accessible level for even milk chocolate lovers.

The mould used breaks the block up into ten large pieces, presumably to give the fillings the best proportions for ultimate flavour. (For the curious, two pieces is one serve, according to the nutritional panel). The dark chocolate is rich in colour and glossy, with a good dark cocoa note, tempered with the sweetness of mint. It's more of a 'dinner mint' scent, tempered with the dark chocolate. It's not a shy scent; if you're saving this to be shared over several occasions, storage in a ziplock bag is suggested.

Each piece is fully moulded and the fillings separate from the other pieces. The chocolate makes up a significant portion of the piece, encasing the 'soft vanilla truffle' that lies under the mint coulis. Unlike the illustration on the front of the pack, the coulis is more sickly-yellow in colour than bright grass green, and there also seems to be less of it. That's not a bad thing; it is still strongly flavoured. The truffle, or what I could taste of it, is firm but creamy, with a quick melt on the tongue. It has a mild vanilla flavour that is lost against the mint. It is dotted with crisp pieces of cocoa nib, providing a little bit of texture variety.

I quite enjoyed this block, although the strength of the mint means it is probably relegated to after dinner. Rather than biting each piece, I found it was equally nice sucked on, so the flavours could gently mingle and linger.

Score: 4.5 out of 5 jelly beans.

Lindt Creation Sublime Mint is made in France. It contains milk, glucose from wheat and/or corn and soy, and may contain egg and other tree nuts.

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