Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Gossip: New Marvellous Creations products in store!

That was quick!

Have a look below for images of the new flavours in the large blocks and medium-sized bars, and the brand new bitesize flavours as well! The blocks were spotted in Woolworths and the bitesize bags in Coles, but I imagine they will be available across all channels relatively quickly.

New flavours first up! Toffee Apple Chew was the only block I spotted that did not have the flavour also available in the medium bar. There may be one coming - I'm not sure.

Both Cola Popping Candy and Orange Fizz had matching bars. The 'special carnival edition' label could be Marvellous Creations-speak for 'limited edition', but I think it could just be used to draw attention to the royal show-esque flavours. (Skittles Showtime, anyone? RIP.)

The bitesize pieces don't seem to have a specific name, per se, but the flavours are new. I didn't have a chance to feel up the bag but the imagery suggests the pieces are fairly large in size to compensate for the fillings. The bags are quite small at about 150g, which puts them lighter than M&M's (that sit around the 180-200g mark).

 There are three flavours so far (Jelly Zingers, Caramel Shakes and Toffee Nutters); time will tell if we'll see more released. The flavours don't seem to be as complex as the blocks, opting for single or duo ingredients over a combination. These are slightly cheaper than the large blocks at RRP $3.99

In usual Lolly Addict tightarse style, I'll be waiting until they go on sale before purchasing, but if have tried them, let me know in the comments how they taste!


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    1. Oh really! I thought the bitesize would be much larger; interesting to note that they are much smaller.

      Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Tried the cola popping candy after work tonight. its very weird, but in a good way! Cola and chocolate a definite winner!

  3. Toffee Nutters! Wow! Such amaze flavor!