Saturday, 23 August 2014

Gossip: New M&M's, new Marvellous Creations, new Wonka - oh my!

Hey! - followers of my Twitter account and/or Facebook page get new release gossip as I find it on the shelves, but it can take me a little while to compile it all here for blog readers, so make sure you follow me on Twitter, or like the Facebook page to get up-to-date info!

Where oh where do I begin? It's been a little while since I've pulled everything together for a gossip column, but I think we should go straight to the most exciting one:

Mars M&M's in pineapple!

I honestly only found out about this new flavour a few days ago through one of the trade magazines, so was very surprised to see it pop up in my local Coles so soon! Judging by the reaction the photo is gathering on Twitter from our international friends, this flavour of M&M's is unique to Australia - which is surprising as the list of M&M's flavours is quite vast. They are arriving thick and fast to supermarkets, so if you see them around, give them a try and let me know how you like them!

The next BIG announcement is from Cadbury's Marvellous Creations range. The internet is mysteriously quiet about this release, but my local Coles (I swear I'm not getting kickbacks for the plugs!) has just this week put up notes indicating new flavours coming soon. Check them out!

Reader Andrew mentioned on our Facebook page, and Linda through Twitter, have indicated that the new flavours are also available in the MC ice creams, too.

Cadbury also seems to be branching out and introducing the MC range in another format, bitesize. These also will be in three new flavours. I'm having difficulties locating any information or images about these as well, so please let me know if you see them around!

Nestle's Wonka released a new chocolate block flavour a few weeks ago, called 'Mudpuff Caramelstuff', to coincide with their new Golden Ticket promotion. The description reads as pretty average: 'chocolatey fudge, crispy puffs and golden caramel sauce' but I love the packaging on this block.

Finally, a quick one for new: another new flavour from Tic Tac. Mojito Mint sounds pretty good, even if they are alcohol-free!

While I have lots of new products in my basket awaiting review (seriously, they keep releasing lollies so fast I can't keep up!) I think these items are the ones people are dying to know about, so expect reviews very soon!

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