Sunday, 8 December 2013

Lindt HELLO Caramel Brownie

HELLO is the new range of milk chocolates from Lindt & Sprungli. With decidedly female packaging, the range includes four main flavours - Cookies & Cream, Caramel Brownie, Crunchy Nougat and Strawberry Cheesecake - spread over a range of blocks, bars and gift packs. The range is made in Germany, and available in varous places around the globe, but has only just launched here in Australia.

Today's review will be looking at the Caramel Brownie flavour, in the form of the 39g rectangle bar.

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The HELLO range is wrapped in black packaging, highlighted by a colour associated with the flavour. Caramel Brownie is matched with a dark orange red colour, which features sparingly across the narrow bar. The product is described as being a milk chocolate bar that contains caramel and 'brownie cream filling with dark cookie pieces'. Sounds dangerous! The bar itself is around 17cm long, but a hair under 1.5cm tall and 1.5cm wide. It has six neat pieces, and the tops are moulded with the Lindt logo, and the logo and images associated the HELLO range (hearts and lips).

The chocolate has a mostly matte finish to its milky chocolate. Being Lindt chocolate, it is of high standard, containing a minimum of 30% cocoa solids and 18% milk solids. It smells strong and rich.

The top layer of the bar contains a layer of smooth, flowing caramel. It's very sweet, and a bit milky like a milkshake. Below that is the 'brownie cream', a fluffy filling that is similar in colour to the surrounding mild chocolate. I found it hard to determine the exact flavour, but it's quite strong, along the lines of hot chocolate made wthout milk. The little cookie pieces are very smell, only a few millimetres in size, but crunchy enough to add good texture. The filling is not sectioned into each piece, but is spread through the whole bar.

As a whole, I found the bar quite satisfying. The rich flavour of the brownie cream tones down the sweetness of the caramel, resulting in a bar that is rich in flavour. The chocolate is creamy as well, and quite soft (but it is 35 degrees C on the day I'm writing this review!). I found the caramel flavour not in-your-face strong, but present enough that you were aware it was a caramel flavoured bar. Caramel lovers will enjoy this quite a bit. The bar is quite small at 39g, but with the intensity of the flavours it is a good size.

Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Lindt HELLO Caramel Brownie contains milk, soy and wheat. It may contain almonds.

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