Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Cadbury Twirl Caramel Flavour Limited Edition

It took my ages to track down this particular product for review. I suspect it might have something in common with another limited edition chocolate bar I reviewed recently - the Nestle Aero White - in that it may only be available in the petrol and convenience sector, as I've been unable to find it in all the major supermarkets and department stores. It has also flown under the radar online - googling it gives you a link back to this blog, and the only way I found out about it was through one of my lovely readers. Makes you wonder why Cadbury has neglected to advertise it! (But of course, I do live under a rock here in WA, so if you've seen advertising, please let me know!)

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So, what's so special about Twirl Caramel? Rather than containing the gooey deliciousness that is caramel, the bar is actually constructed from caramel-flavoured milk chocolate. I must admit, I was expecting the centre swirls to perhaps be at least caramel colour, a la Kit Kat Caramel, but no, the bar looks exactly the same as a regular milk chocolate Twirl.

The packaging, however, is beautifully different to the standard Cadbury-purple wrapper. It has big, bold amber-coloured stripes  running vertically, over which the yellow Twirl logo is laid, along with the flavour and the 'limited edition' text. Interestingly, the little byline doesn't mention the caramel flavour at all; instead it's the usual '2 bars - swirls and curls covered in Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate' line used for the regular Twirl.

The bar weighs in at 39g, the same weight as the regular bar as well. The outer chocolate layer is smooth and unblemished, and has a warm scent to it that is a little like a caramel milkshake. It's not very strong though, nor is it overpowering.  It is regular milk chocolate - no caramel flavour in this part. The centre is more strongly centered though - snap open a finger and take a whiff and it's like smelling a caramel chocolate mudcake. (Yum!) It's clear all the flavour is coming from the centre.

Despite the strong scent, the flavour is exceedingly mild. It's rather like putting a teaspoon of caramel topping on a huge bowlful of chocolate ice cream - it's there, but only just. The curls of chocolate collapse well in the mouth, giving a lovely, brief texture to the chew. Despite the mild caramel flavour, I want another. It's very moreish. The caramel does have a sort of presence afterwards though, giving a nice warmth to the remainder of the chocolate.

Disappointing execution of the flavour; it could have been so much better.

Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Cadbury Twirl Caramel Flavour Limited Edition contains milk and soy. It may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts. One serve is one finger (two serves per pack).

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  1. Oh how disappointing...this would be potentially amazing with some real caramel running through it!