Saturday, 14 December 2013

Fino Berry Flavoured Jells

Last week I reviewed the other flavour of Fino Jells, the Citrus bag. This week it's the Berry bag.

Fino is an Australian brand with a strong social conscience. A lot of thought has been placed into the sourcing and production of their ingredients, resulting in a product that is gluten free, all natural and suitable for vegans. Be sure to check out their FAQ for more info on the brand - I applaud a brand that has such a strong moral behind it.

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Like the Citrus bag, the Berry bag contains three flavours: strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant (yes, that's a berry). The packaging has a beautiful watercolour-inspired design on it in the three colours of the flavours. The bag weighs 120g, and the allocation of flavours is random. I was really unlucky and managed to not receive any raspberry jells at all. Each jell is individually wrapped and clearly labelled as well.

The jells themselves are quite large, measuring about 3cm wide by 1.5cm tall at the highest point. They are also lightly dusted with cane sugar to keep them from going sticky. The jells have a beautiful texture which I love; there's no pull, so they don't stick to your teeth, and they are soft and light.

Strawberry is dark rose in colour. It has a floral, sweet scent to it that is strong and inviting. The flavour is quite bold and strong, making its presence well known as soon as you bite into it. It's sweet and bright, but not entirely true to a fresh strawberry. It has a great jammy note to it as well.

Blackcurrant is a dark reddy colour with a tinge of purple to it as well. It's lighter than how it came in in the photo. It has a strong, sour and somewhat unpleasant scent that is a bit medicinal in nature. Thankfully the flavour is completely different. It's nowhere near as bold as strawberry, and is more of a very mild taste. There's that great blackcurrant flavour that is more accurate than Ribena, and is quite jammy and sweet as well, and it seems to develop the longer you keep the piece in your mouth (or the more pieces you have). Once I got past the scent, I enjoyed these as well.

If I can get my hands on another packet, I'll come back to this post and add in a review of raspberry.

Beautiful presentation of a great product.

Score: 4.5 stars out of 5.

Fino Jells are made in Australia.

Disclaimer: This was a sample provided to me by Fino, but all opinions are my own. See Disclaimer Policy page for further information.

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