Saturday, 21 December 2013

Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo

Another day, another imported Cadbury product masquerading as a local on our shelves. Similar to its cousin Cadbury Dairy Milk with Golden Biscuit Crunch from Austria, this new Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo is from Germany, albeit in a small 120g block. It's been on the shelves for a few months, and seems to be carried exclusively by Woolworths. In my local stores in WA, I noticed that stock seemed to dry up for a period of a month or so, before reappearing recently.

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The back of the pack contains a small ad for Oreo biscuits. In Australia, the Oreo brand is owned by Nabisco, whose products are distributed by Kraft Foods until 2012. Kraft's Australian arm also owns Cadbury. I don't know much about business so can't really tell you what that all means, but I find it interesting to think of all the different links between international companies.

The packaging between Golden Biscuit Crunch and Oreo is similar - complete with 'New from Joyville' yellow label - and the build of the block and its contents is as well. Filled Cadbury blocks in Australia tend to seperate the filling out between each bitesize piece, but perhaps it is a European trend that seems the filling spread far more generously throughout the block. The layer of Dairy Milk is spread quite thin, just managing to contain the contents. Because this is from Europe, the Dairy Milk is different to our unique Australian version, and contains 27% cocoa solids and 24% milk solids (whereas ours is 26% cocoa and 28% milk). I'm not familiar enough with the ingredients list of Australian Dairy Milk to tell you the difference between it and that found on this product, but I'm confident it too will be somewhat different.

Australia also doesn't carry a 120g block - we used to have 150g blocks, but they dropped a few years ago down to 100-110g size. The filling is described as a 'vanilla flavoured creme filling and Oreo biscuit pieces'. It has a typical faux 'cookies and cream' scent to it, overly sweet and cloying. If you like biscuit pieces, you'll be pleased with this block; the pieces are varied in size, from tiny crumbs to large pea-sized pieces, and they are scattered liberally throughout the filling. The vanilla creme is sweet as expected, with a bit of a milky taste to it as well. I wasn't able to separate out a piece of Oreo for tasting but expect that it would be genuine.

Together with the biscuit pieces and milk chocolate outer layer, the block has a lot of crunchy texture from the biscuit pieces against the soft chocolate and creme. It's a nice twist on the standard white-chocolate-and-biscuit mix, as the milk chocolate adds a good dose of cocoa to stop it from becoming too sweet.

I quite enjoyed this block, and hope it isn't removed from our shelves anytime soon, international sibling or not.

Score: 4 out of 5 stars.

Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo is made in Germany. It contains milk, wheat and soy. It may contain traces of tree nuts.


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