Friday, 22 November 2013

Nestle Wonka Chocolate Tales

Part three of the Nestle-owned Wonka blocks is Chocolate Tales. See reviews of Triple Chocolate Whipple and Caramel Hat Trick.

Like the rest of the 170g blocks in this release from Nestle, the Wonka packaging is a smart maroon cardboard box, housing the chocolate block wrapped in patterned gold foil. For those simpler cravings, the Chocolate Tales variety consists of 'creamy and smooth Wonka milk chocolate'. No strange additions, just smooth milk chocolate.

And also like the other blocks, Chocolate Tales has its own unique block mould that has inspired the name (or perhaps it's the other way around). The block is shaped like an open book, with a short story spread across the 'pages'. Each piece contains a few words as part of the story, and the pack reports that there are five different tales to be found. Click on the picture to few the story on this block up close.

The chocolate is a little lighter in colour that Cadbury Dairy Milk, and smells a bit less  milky. This chocolate contains a minimum of 22% cocoa solids and 25% milk solids (whereas Dairy Milk is more in the region of 26% cocoa/28% milk, but this can vary between varieties). The grooves in the block make for a clean snap with a minimal amount of crumbs. And like the other Wonka blocks, they have a low profile to fit in the slender box, measuring just 7mm tall.

In the mouth, the chocolate is beautifully smooth and melts well (perhaps encouraged a little by the 30 degree heat here today). It is not too sweet, and has a mild flavour without much depth. This would be a good accompaniment to something more complex in flavour, like a coffee. I can't find anything wrong with this chocolate, but I think it is made to be served alongside something, not just by itself.

Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Nestle Wonka Chocolate Tales contains milk and soy, and is made on equipment that processes products containing peanuts, tree nuts and wheat.

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  1. I love your post and I say CARRY ON! They're so yummy and wow (even though i live in the UK) anyway check out mine!