Friday, 29 November 2013

Cadbury Flake Mint

Despite its long history of sales in Australia, Cadbury's famous Flake bar was actually created in Ireland in 1920. It's now sold all over the world, and ha come in several variations over its time. (Check out the last seasonal release, Flake Snow.) Flake Mint is in the same style as the classic Flake bar, but created with mint-flavoured milk chocolate.

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One of the aspects of this crumbly milk chocolate bar that I really like is the packaging. Back in the day, the original yellow wrapper was a sheet of transparent plastic, with a white paper insert for protection, and both were wrapped around the bar, and twisted off at the ends. Not very hygienic (I remember finding chocolate crumbs everywhere). Nowadays everything is more protected, but Cadbury have done a great job with keeping with the bar's history. The bar is now wrapped in foil, and sealed along the long edge, but the short ends are still twisted together. With the mint version, the foil is a bright green that clashes a bit with the brown Flake picture and Cadbury-purple text.

The bar itself weighs in at just 30g. I love the artsy folds of chocolate, and how they cleverly capture lots of air to lighten the weight. Of course the downside of all those fragile edges is crumbs - lots and lots of them!

The bar has a strong, sweet mint scent - it's very similar to Nestle's Peppermint Crisp - that has just a hint of chocolate. Flake uses Dairy Milk milk chocolate, so it is typically milky and sweet. In terms of flavour, though, the mint is quite subtle. It doesn't really make an appearance until after you've finished your mouthful, and only then does it stand up in the aftertaste. To be quite honest, the mint flavour is so mild, a mint-hater might enjoy this bar.

A good effort for something new, but I wish that the mint flavour was stronger. Also, crumbs!

Score: 3.5 out of 5.

Cadbury Mint Flake is made in Australia. It contains milk and soy, and may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.


  1. Damn, I would of LOVED my two favourite things together.

  2. Can you get any more of these? My husband is English,loves chocolate mint,Flake is his favourite chocolate bar,and we can't get them here in the United States. I'd be willing to trade you something!Just looking out for my guy.