Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Cadbury Dairy Milk Golden Biscuit Crunch

Another new addition from the 'Joyville' subbrand, this block of Cadbury Dairy Milk Golden Biscuit Crunch sneaked in under my radar. I spotted it on a low shelf under the other Cadbury block at Coles, and I think it may be an exclusive there as I haven't seen this flavour available elsewhere. I also suspected that this might have been imported stock from the UK, but the info panel on the read reveals that it is made in Australia. EDIT: This information is wrong; a reader has pointed out that the block is actually made in Austria, not Australia. That will teach me to speed read! Thank you, Anaonymous, for bringing this to my attention.

There are two other points of interest about the packaging. First, the Dairy Milk logo is still all caps, and not in title case like we've seen on the revamped packaging for the Bubbly range, And secondly, the block is presented in horizontal/landscape format - it's even packed into the display boxes this way. It's similar to the Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo mini blocks you might have seen floating around at Woolworths.

The image on the front shows a block jam-packed with filling. On the back, the block is described as 'Dairy Milk milk chocolate with vanilla and choc flavoured creme filling and vanilla biscuit'. The name initially made me think of one of the UK versions of the Nestle Wonka blocks, 'Millionaire's Shortbread', but I can see now they they are not at all similar.

Despite containing a filling, the block's pieces are shaped slightly differently - the scoring between each piece isn't as deep, perhaps to make up for the filling which seems to flow throughout the whole block, rather than piece to piece. The block is the standard physical size of most Cadbury blocks, and weighs in at 200g. The outer chocolate layer in a little on the thin side, and smells faintly milky. It also doesn't smell as sweet as usual, perhaps because there is less of it.

Breaking open the open reveals that the filling does cover the whole block. The majority of it is the vanilla biscuit (which appears separately baked as it has the lovely crisp and slightly darkened edges), and then atop the biscuit is a layer of white cream, which fills the dome of each piece. The biscuit is lovely and fresh; it has a faint sweet note that the chocolate compliments.

The cream top, by itself, doesn't seem to have much of a flavour to it. It's lovely and smooth, and melts splendidly, but I for the life of me could not determine any flavour out of it. Thankfully, when paired with the biscuit base and the chocolate coating altogether, the piece isn't too bad. The biscuit has a great texture, turning this from a block of chocolate to more of a chocolate-coated biscuit. The flavour is pleasant and unoffensive, not overly sweet but also nothing special. Nothing in particular stands out. It's not a flavour I would expect from Joyville as it's not original, and likely has similar cousins around the market. I expect it might be popular with the older crowd of chocolate lovers.

Score: 3 out of 5.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Golden Biscuit Crunch  contains milk, wheat, soy and spelt. It may also contain traces of egg and tree nuts.


  1. Are you sure it says Australia? Look closely again... the country is similar to Australia but not Australia.

    1. Ah, good catch! Thank you - I will amend the post now.