Monday, 18 November 2013

Cadbury Dairy Milk Raspberry and Lemonade Limited Edition

Several readers alerted me to this mystery limited edition block before it ended up on the west coast. Cadbury sure have been busy! This block doesn't debut a new flavour, per se - about five or six years ago, the Cadbury Freddo twin packs (which are two Freddos joined together, and used in Cadbury's fundraiser boxes) was released in this lemonade and raspberry combination. I couldn't find any photos, but there are a couple of mentions online about them, plus one of our readers also mentioned them. It's not a flavour I had tried, so I'm looking forward to his!

The block weighs in at a solid 220g, and contains a mix of raspberry and lemonade filled pieces. The flavours are separated out. Interesting note about the pack - it doesn't carry the new title case Dairy Milk logo, but uses the all-caps version. I'm beginning to wonder if the title case version was developed specifically for the Bubbly range.

The outer chocolate layer is thick, but contains the flowing centres well.  My block was a little crushed, as you can see, but thankfully wasn't a mess when it was unwrapped. The chocolate coating has a lovely semi-gloss coating, and smells sweet. There's less of the usual milky note there too.

Raspberry pieces have a bright red centre.  Combined with the chocolate, it's an interesting taste. I find it a lot like the classic Strawberry Freddos, in that it has a vague berry taste to it. It's less sweet than strawberry, and if I concentrate really hard there's a very faint bit of tang there, but I couldn't immediately pick the flavour as raspberry.

Lemonade I found bland and boring. I couldn't taste anything over the outer chocolate layer. It was a very sweet piece. Even by itself, I would have guessed that the filling was unflavoured, rather than lemonade.

Eaten together, I found the flavour of the centres was extremely overwhelmed by all the chocolate. I really struggled to be able to taste either of the flavours at all. If the proportions were better (less chocolate), or the centres flavoured more strongly, this block may have fared better.

Score: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Limited Edition Raspberry and Lemonade contains milk, wheat glucose syrup, soy and egg. It may contain traces of wheat, peanuts and tree nuts.


  1. Die bitch. Lemonade is awesome!

  2. where can I buy this?????

    1. I've seen blocks at both Woolworths and Coles as currently as today, so as far as I'm aware they are still available. :)

    2. I loved this chocolate,i bought a block in New Zealands, cadbury factory.Can i buy some in W.A?