Saturday, 13 July 2013

Cadbury Marvellous Creations Banana Candy, Peanut Drops and Choc Biscuit

It hasn't been so long since the release of Cadbury's Marvellous Creations Clinkers, Gummi Bear and Choc Biscuit, and Clinkers, Raspberry Chips and Marshmallows, yet Cadbury is keeping the intrigue up with yet another new flavour to add to the line: Marvellous Creations Banana Candy, Peanut Drops and Choc Biscuit. For those playing at home, that's now six flavours in the range from Cadbury's 'Joyville'. Although, this new flavour is a Woolworths exclusive, according to the site.

Interestingly, the package of this flavour includes a request for participation: 'Do you love me as much as Joyville does? Vote to keep me at' Considering this flavour has only been on the markets for a couple of days, I thought this was an interesting tactic. When I first spotted the block at my local Woolies, I thought at first that the voting competition was for the Peanut, Toffee Crisp and Biscuit variation, since I haven't seen it move as fast as the others. I didn't even realise that this was a new flavour until I looked closer - so observant am I! In my defense, the colour scheme for the new flavour is a dark sky blue, which isn't so different to the teal of the Peanut, Toffee Crisp and Biscuit variation. Anyway, on to the review!

As usual, the front of the package shows images of the flavours blended with the Dairy Milk chocolate. Banana Candy (cue cringe at the name) just looks like random chunks of something yellow. I'll hazard a guess that these will probably taste like lolly bananas - artifical smoothie taste and super sweet. The peanut drops are a curiousity - are these going to be peanut butter flavoured (and if so, have Cadbury been listening to the public who pine for American confectionery?). They are shaped like chocolate chips, and the ingredients list shows that the peanut drops do have peanut butter in them, so horray for Cadbury for trying something new! The choc biscuit inclusion isn't new - it's been included in the other MC variety Clinkers, Gummi Bears and Choc Biscuit. And I can't forget that the choc biscuit is also the same as in the standard Dairy Milk Black Forest block, and it was in the Coles limited edition Dairy Milk Cookies block from a few years back.

Inside the pack, the block looks much like the other blocks in the MC range. The chocolate is a smooth creamy brown and slightly glossy, and smells creamy and sweet. There is very little to be seen on the top to hint at what is included. Flipping the block over gives us some large, rounded protrustions from the choc biscuit, but there isn't a whole lot to be seen from our friends the Peanut Drops and Banana Candy.

Once we break open the block, it's easier to identify the banana candy - bright yellow, but small - and the peanut drops - tan-coloured pieces - from the choc biscuit. There seems to be a fair distribution of the smaller inclusions as well. On biting in, I don't even need to begin the chew to taste the artifical banana flavour. It's there as soon as the chocolate hits my tongue. It's definitely muted by the chocolate and not as sweet as eating a lolly banana on its own, but it's there!  Once I begin to bite, the peanut drops kick in with a boost of peanut butter to make things a little bit more savoury. The choc biscuit pieces add texture to the chew - it would have been quite gluggy without them - but it takes a few moments for the taste of chocolate to struggle up, and even then, it is weak and overwhelmed by the banana. I tried a little piece of chocolate without anything else in it, and I could still taste the banana. There doesn't seem to be any banana flavour in the chocolate in the ingredients list, which leads me to believe it's just flavour leaking from the banana candy.

This is definitely a banana-and-peanut bar where the chocolate is an afterthought. If you don't like bananas, stay far, far away. I am one of those people, so my review may be slightly bias, but my star score has also lost a point for the complete lack of chocolate taste - a disappointment from Cadbury. The texture-adding choc biscuit, but it isn't enough to save this block.

2.5 out of 5 stars.

The Marvellous Creations Banana Candy, Peanut Drops and Choc Biscuit block contains 26% cocoa solids and 28% milk solids. It contains milk, wheat, peanuts and soy. It may also contain traces of egg and tree nuts.

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