Thursday, 11 July 2013

Allen's Cheekies Zesty Citrus and Luscious Raspberry

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News about Allen's new Cheekies broke a few weeks ago. Nestle have had a very strong media push - magazines, social media, in-store displays and posters to name a few outlets - to launch this new range. They are described as a flavoured jelly with a soft centre - similar to The Natural Confectionery Company's Bliss range. However, the Cheekies come in two flavours, Luscious Berry and Zesty Citrus, compared to the TNCC's four (five if you count the seasonal release).

The packaging is pale yellow with a large red and white 'Cheekies' logo, and girly floral print (which is very slightly different between the two flavours). There is also a little transparent window in the front so you can see the lollies. I found the method of packing these quite strange. The Cheekies are available in two ways: a single 72g pack (which contains two servings of six pieces each), or a joined twin pack of two 60g packs (which contains four servings of five pieces each). Both flavours are available in both ways - I picked up both to illustrate the differences. Cheekies are targeted at women, so I suppose that might have something to do with the twin pack (one for now, one for later), but the different sizes between the two options are interesting!

Unlike the TNCC Bliss range, Allen's Cheekies don't have an aerated white base, and they do have different moulds for the different flavours. The Luscious Berry flavour has two moulds: a little generic berry shape, and a peach-inspired shape. Both measure about 2cm wide by about 1.6cm tall. The peach is a soft rose pink colour and slightly translucent, , allowing you to see the deposit of deep purple 'soft centre' (it's more like ooze or goo) inside. The berry shape is a darker red in colour, and although it has the purple goo centre, it's a little more difficult to see. The pieces smell sweet and of generic berry flavour. I think the peach piece might be a little bit different but I couldn't really tell.

The peach piece does taste a little bit like artificial peach (think iced tea), but it takes a while to get there. The purple centre doesn't taste like anything that I could tell. There's also less of the goo than there is in the TNCC Bliss range. The berry piece is similarly bland and uninspired with a flavourless centre. It was really just like eating a standard raspberry jelly and  having it be a bit softer than usual. Colour me unimpressed.


The Zesty Citrus pack contains two flavours, orange and blackcurrant (not sure how that is citrus), and it also has two moulds: one is an orange, that is also orange in colour, and has a greenish centre. The second mould is a new one I've never seen before, of round berries with a point on a branch, which must be blackcurrant.  It's a dusty dark pink colour, and also has a greenish goo centre.

The orange piece is quite nice; although it is slightly artificial in flavour, it is still definitely a citrus fruit and slightly tart as well. The green centre was tangy and lent towards lime a little. There was far less of this goo than in the Berry pieces. The blackcurrant piece is fairly tasteless until you hit the ooze centre. The tangy lime flavour didn't quite rescue the piece, but at least gave it a flavour.

I found these very disappointing in flavour. The best part of the product is squeezing the ooze out of the jelly - but then again, I can do that with the TNCC Bliss range, and then enjoy eating them too.

2 out of 5 stars.

Allen's Cheekies are made in the Czech Republic. They are a glucose syrup product , and may contain milk traces.

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