Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cadbury Marvellous Creations Clinkers, Raspberry Chips & Marshmallows

I was out on a mini road trip with a dear friend this morning when we stopped at the servo. Since I don't drive, a servo is not usually a place I visit (especially since there are no 7/11s here in WA!). I took the opportunity to go have a poke around as the petrol and convenience (P&C) market is often the first place where new products are launched. And luck was on my side today!

Opposite the frozen drinks we were look at was a stand of a brand new addition to the Cadbury Marvellous Creations range that Cadbury launched last year with great fanfare. Surprisingly I hadn't heard any whispers of a new flavour, so that just made the find all that more exciting.

Cadbury Marvellous Creations Clinkers, Raspberry Chips & Marshmallows in the 50g block is the newest edition to the range. In keeping with the MC vibrant packaging, the matte foil wrapper has purple and cream stripes in the background, and is decorated with chunks of coloured confectionery. To help identify it as a new product, it also has a bright yellow 'New!' on the left side, and a lime green border around the centre panel. The green is different enough to the teal of the Peanut Toffee Cookie Marvellous Creations product that you would be able to pick it out instantly.

So let's talk about what we've got inside. Clinkers are a Pascall product, which is a brand owned by Cadbury, and they are normally large oval-shaped chalky pieces covered in thick milk chocolate. They come in three colours/flavours: yellow, green and pink, and are very sweet and rich. In the block, where there is far more chocolate than Clinker, they don't seem to have any flavour at all, but seem to be mostly included for texture purposes. They're light and crunchy and crumble well, and there are a lot of them in the bar as well (although according to the ingredients list, they only account for 2.6% of the bar). The pieces are disappointingly smaller than they appear on the wrapper though. I forgot to take a picture of the underside of the bar, but the textured bottom is most due to the Clinker pieces.

Then we have the raspberry chips. I would predict that these are the same as the chips used in the Cadbury Black Forest block. It's important to note that although they look similar to popping candy in the pictures, they are not. The pieces are small and varied in size, but are translucent, hard like a boiled lolly, bright red and have a strong raspberry-cordial flavour. Like the Clinkers, there are many of these spread evenly throughout the glossy Dairy Milk chocolate.

The final piece in this Marvellous Creations bar is the marshmallows. Pink or white, sticky and in chunks about the size of a pea, the marshmallows taste genuine, but the texture is slightly off; it feels like they have been compressed slightly (quite possible, to fit enough in the bar but still keep to the weight).

Together, the three ingredients and the Dairy Milk chocolate combine to give the bar a bit of a rocky road taste - albeit a rather modernised one. The raspberry and marshmallows combine to give a a taste that is reminiscent of making rocky road. The Clinkers stand in the background to provide a wonderful chalky crunch alongside the raspberry pieces, and the thick melt of the chocolate binds it all together very nicely. All the products are spread nicely throughout the bar too. The whole mouthful is rather cloying and sweet, so keep some water at hand for afterwards.

A word of advice: when snapping the bar into pieces, watch out for flying chocolate crumbs and raspberry chips. The marshmallow pieces holds everything together really well.

Cadbury Marvellous Creations Clinkers, Raspberry Chips & Marshmallows contains 26%  cocoa solids and 28% milk solids. It contains milk, wheat and soy, and may contain traces of egg, peanuts and tree nuts.

Edit 29/04/13: This new flavour will also be available in the larger 290g block as well, and it's not far away! See the empty shelf space I discovered at Woolworths.

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