Sunday, 9 November 2014

Gossip: Allen's Killer Pythons size change review

So this isn't a review per se, but rather a look at old vs new. Earlier this month, Nestle, the Allen's parent company, announced it was halving the size of their Killer Python snakes. The day after I read that article, I went on the hunt to find an old packet to do a comparison, but do you think I could find one anywhere? Both Coles and Woolies had the new stock in already. I took me until a few days ago, when I was in a Big W, to find an old bag hanging on the shelves behind the new stock (clearly someone doesn't know proper stock rotation). So, finally, let's compare!

The bags have changed slightly; not only has the weight changed from 180g to 192g, but the cartoon imagery now includes two snakes, not one. Other than that (and the bright blue strip announcing the new 'treat size'), the front of the bags are very similar.

On the reverse, the backside has changed very little as well. The 'Good to remember' bubble on the top right corner now includes a number figure to help control portion intake. The nutrition information panel has been adjusted, of course, reflecting the change from 45g for one snake down to 24g. There are now eight snakes per bag, instead of four. The ingredients list is the same. Curiously, the expiry dates are fairly close together. I wonder how long the factory was closed for while they installed the new tools.

The difference in size is immediately obvious in the hand. The treat size pythons are still quite large (perhaps twice the thickness and about 5cm longer than a Snakes Alive snake), but they are a good 10cm shorter than the originals. The new mould appears to just be a smaller version; he snake body is the same width, but thinner, and has a smaller head. The criss-cross design across the back is the same, and the python retains the classic 'KP' on the forehead.

So, there you have it. It might be because I'm an adult now (sadface), but I found the tread size Python perfectly suited to sate my afternoon sugar craving. How are you finding the size difference?

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