Thursday, 9 October 2014

Haribo Happy Cola

Haribo is a well-known gummi brand all around the world. The German brand's most popular product would have to be their Gold Bears, but they and the rest of their gummi brethren have only become available in Australia over the past five years or so. So while the Haribo products I review aren't new to the rest of the world, they are new to the Australian market.

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Happy Cola is the sweet brother to the sour/tangy version Fizzy Cola. The gummi features a white aerated base, and then a clear top, enclosing a liquid centre. As the name suggests, the pieces are cola flavoured, and they are shaped like cola bottles. They are of a decent size, at 3cm tall, and about 1.5cm deep and 1cm wide. The bag has that lovely generic cola scent, sweet with a touch of cinnamon.

The pieces are very similar in flavour to their aroma, but the white base doesn't seem to be flavoured. The transparent 'bottle' section is pleasingly bouncy and fresh, and has a light, sweet note that isn't overpowering. The liquid centre is stronger, but in the same family, and is darker and more brown in colour. Altogether it's a pleasant gummi. I like the bounciness of Haribo gummies; they don't give too easily when bitten, and they are fun to play with. The liquid centre just adds to my amusement - so fun to try and squeeze it out

Score: 4 out of 5 jelly beans.

Haribo Happy Cola are made in Germany. They contain glucose syrup (from corn) and gelatine.

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