Thursday, 9 October 2014

Gossip: New Mars seasonal release, new Sour Patch gummis, and more!

I have new releases coming out of my ears! Let's jump right in.

First up, Mars has stayed with a tried-and-true favourite for their new seasonal release. It was only about three years ago in 2011 that we saw Caramel, so it must have been popular. I didn't review it on its original release, so expect to see a review at some point.

Sour Patch Kids got a 5 out of 5 jelly bean rating from my not long ago, and I'm pleased to see that there is a new flavoured packet emerging. The 'kids' has been dropped from the title, and the new flavour is called 'Soda Popz'. Can't wait to get my mitts on a bag!

Coles have introduced a new range of chocolate from the UK from a brand called Willie's Cacao. I could only see four flavours in the 50g 'block', and two flavours in the pearls gift box, but the website indicates a very large range of products. I don't know if the brand is exlusive to Coles but it sounds like they might be bringing in more of the range. I've not heard of this brand from UK bloggers, so it will be interesting to see how it tastes. There might be a wait on reviews for these, though, as they are rather expensive (in my tight-assed opinion) at $4 for the 50g blocks.

Stewart Alexander have introduced their new seasonal flavour of Mentos, Grape Mix. As well as bringing this out in the standard roll format, the flavour is also being used to introduce a new packaging format, of 'tear and share' bags. I think they are just a bulk bag with non-individually-wrapped dragees. I'll try and get my hands on one so we can see!

Capricorn is an Australian brand that products a lot of confectionery in licorice. They have expanded their marshmallow offerings with a selection of chocolate-covered bitesize marshmallows, in three different flavours. I'm always happy to buy Australian where I can, so I am looking forward to trying these out!

Lindt has a new limited edition out in preparation for Christmas. The new Lindor balls are white chocolate and peppermint flavoured. They look pretty tasty!

Fyna's Aussie favourite Wizz Fizz has a new flavour of sherbet: Bubble Gum. (Image courtesy of

Crown Confectionery's sour lolly Zappo has a new release too, in what appears to be similar to Wonka Nerds. Zappo Millions is a small bag of tasty, chewy lollies. These were also available in Zappo show bags at Royal shows across the country this year, so let me know if you've tried it!

Finally, cult favourite MaltEaster bunnies have been reinvented for the holiday season in the form of 'MerryTeaser' reindeer. The name is a bit of a stretch but the insides is the same droolicious Malteser crunchy creamy centre. I'll take a box or five please, Mars!

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