Thursday, 12 June 2014

Gossip: Whittaker's L&P Slab, New Snickers LE, New Big Boss Flavour and More

More new releases!

New Zealand chocolate brand Whittaker's is releasing a 'truly Kiwi' variety of their famous chocolate, called the L&P Slab. The small slab will be made from white chocolate infused with L&P soft drink flavour, and mixed through with popping candy. L&P is made from a mix of lemon and 'carbonated mineral water from the town of Paeroa'. Lemon-flavoured white chocolate? This will surely be a challenge to the tastebuds! The flavour has been available in NZ for a little while now, but soon it will be reaching Australian shores.

Remember Big Boss, the giant lolly cigars which are now just sticks? They were originally released in caramel flavour, and about five years ago we saw Tutti Fruitti (blue) released. Now a new flavour range is joining the ranks: Sours, which contain sticks in the flavours of Blackcurrant Blast, Atomic Apple, Gob-Puckering Grape and Wuss-Out Watermelon. (I love those names!) I think these may only be available as the single piece as sold in milk bars etc - I doubt we'll be seeing them in retail bags sold at larger stores. If you do manage to get your hands on them, please send me a review!

Following on from above, remember Fizzers? From the original flavours of Creaming Soda, Strawberry and Orange, the range has expanded to include lots of new flavours, and the newest is Blue Buzz Mixed Fruit.

Haribo will be launching a new product here in Australia: Mega-Roulette, a roll of small gummi pieces in assorted flavours. As with most Haribo products, Mega-Roulette is not new to the rest of the world.

It's that time of year, when Mars Snickers appears in a brand new limited-edition flavour. This year we're seeing Snickers Almond, available in both medium and king-size bars. The flavour has been available in the US for some time, but I don't think we've had it here in Australia before.

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