Friday, 8 March 2013

Cadbury Boost Max Choc

Cadbury has been busy. Among their latest releases is the next seasonal release for Boost: Max Choc. (The last Boost seasonal product was Max Caramel, which you can still find on some product shelves at the time of this review.)

With distinctive silver packaging, the Boost Max Choc immediately stands out both from the other Boost products, and most other products on the shelves. Although I don't know what silver has to do with chocolate, it is a unique choice, and I can't really think of any current confectionery products that use silver as the main colour. The bar itself is described on the packaging as  "chewy choc caramel, surrounding smooth choc flavoured centre and crispy choc biscuit all covered in cadbury milk chocolate". Now that's a lot of chocolate-flavoured items!

It weighs in at a hefty 58g, which is on the large side for a medium-sized bar, but the weight and physical size is the same as the original Boost bar. It's quite a solid bar, and the Cadbury chocolate coating is around 1.5mm, so quite thick compared to many other chocolate-enrobed products these days. The chocolate on mine formed a solid seal, with no voids or holes into the interior.

The 'choc caramel' was interesting. Mine was soft (although it was in the mid-30s degrees (centrigrade) when I reviewed) and the softness allowed me to sample a little bit by itself. I found strong cocoa notes, but that was quickly tempered out by the rest of the bar. The choc cream centre was very soft, sweet and was almost like icing. I did find that it was very smooth with no grit. That smoothness helped the crunch of the little biscuit balls in the centre stand out quite a lot.

Unlike an original Boost bar, this one doesn't seem to contain the wafer-like tube that separates the caramel from the centre cream. I find that tube adds a nice element of crunch, so I missed that in this bar. Overall I found this bar extremely sweet - so sweet I couldn't eat more than half - and I found that the sheer amount of sugar overwhelmed my taste buds to the point that I had trouble recognising the chocolate flavour until I had been chewing for a while. Only then did the warm notes of the choc caramel come through and make things a little tastier. As much as I enjoyed the choc caramel, it didn't redeem the bar.

This bar contains wheat, milk, barley and soy. It may also cintain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.

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