Sunday, 24 March 2013

M&M's Crispy Mint

The Crispy-Mint seasonal M&M's flavour is one we've seen before - it was first released in 2006 in Australia, also as part of the seasonal rotation. I for one am glad they are back as I've missed them!

If you're unfamiliar with this flavour combination, the Crispy-Mint M&M's have a crispy green centre (made from rice, I believe), which is surrounded by a layer of plain milk chocolate, and that is then surrounded by a mint-flavoured candy shell. Unlike the original plain milk chocolate M&M's, these ones have candy shells coloured to fit the theme- two shades of green and white. More interestingly, the M&M's are not uniform in size. Have a look at the comparison photos before and you'll see. The smallest size is similar to the plain Crispy M&M's (in the blue bag), while the largest of the ones I found in my pack rivaled the Peanut M&M's, so there's quite a difference in size there.

The M&M's still feel relatively light, however, but the bright green bag feels quite substantial given that it only contains 160g. Inside, the M&M's are not strong in their mint-chocolate scent, but enough is there to make sure you know you're eating a mint-flavoured product.

Biting into one, I found the mint flavour got somewhat stronger, complete with a faint cooling sensation on my tongue from the shell (there's no peppermint oil or similar in the ingredients list, so maybe I'm just imagining it). There's a lovely combination of textures - the crunch of the shell and the rice centre, plus the smooth  layer of chocolate to balance it out. It's a little like eating chocolate and pretzels and chocolate, without the salt! (If you haven't tried it and like a bit of sweet/salty mix, I highly recommend Pretzel M&M's - unfortunately only sold here as imported stock, but still worth a shot!)

The mint flavour doesn't hang around long, and neither do I find the centre getting stuck in my teeth either. But I wouldn't go and eat an apple or drink juice after eating these, as you might get a bit of the toothpaste effect! I will, however, continue to pick these up as they are perfect for snacking in front of the TV (or computer), and aren't nearly as sweet as some other M&M's flavours.

M&M's Crispy-Mint contain milk, soy, barley, wheat and peanut, and may contain traces of treenut.

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