Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Kit Kat Chunky 3 Choc Mint

This new arrival made it by the skin of its, er, wrapper. My last day for me at the local convenience store was a Friday a couple of weeks ago, and it was made extra special by discovering a new release had sneaked in to our Accredited order this week. As I haven't seen my Nestle rep for a little while, I had no idea a new KitKat Chunky 3 was on the horizon - but here it is!

In the past I've reviewed the Chunky 3 Cookies & Dream (and it got a positive review from me), and the Chunky 3 Chocolate is a bar I pick up sometimes as well, so I have high hopes for the Choc Mint. Like the other releases, it contains three different textures, shown on the wrapped with a cross-section illustration.

The 'smooth' mint fudge is green, while the centre section contains the 'crunchy' biscuit pieces in white mint fudge, and the final piece contains 'gooey' choc-mint sauce. The entire bar is covered in milk chocolate, and of course there is a strip of the classic KitKat wafer along the bottom of the bar as well.

The 65g bar is very well moulded, with sharply-defined edges and the Kit Kat logo across the centre of each piece. There's a faint semi-gloss to the milk chocolate coating, but what is most outstanding is the strong mint scent. Even though the chocolate is unflavoured (I think), the smell is evident as soon as I opened the wrapper. It's a scent reminiscent of Nestle's Mint Crisp (another favourite of mine): sweet and chocolately, but not altogether true to a real peppermint scent. It does, however, want to make me chow down on the bar right away!

The first section I bit into contained the green mint fudge. Thankfully not as bright green as on the wrapper, the fudge is quite firm (a little firmer than the chocolate), and when eaten by itself, very mild in taste. When eaten with the wafer and chocolate, it adds a soft, creamy texture to the piece, unfortunately bogging down the crispy wafer a little. I enjoyed the taste when eaten as a whole piece (which was stronger in the mint flavour, so I strongly suspect the chocolate is mint flavoured), but the texture could be improved.

In the middle we have the crunchy biscuit (not cookie) pieces in 'white mint fudge'. This fudge is interesting. It reminds me a lot of the fudge used in the Chunky 3 Cookies & Cream, in that it tastes like sweet white chocolate and not a whole lot else. I certainly didn't get any mint notes out of it! The biscuit pieces, when I encountered any, were small and insignificant. The wafer added more crunchy to the piece than the biscuit pieces. This was the most disappointing section of the bar.

Our final piece is the one I've been most looking forward to: the choc-mint sauce, and it doesn't disappoint. More chocolately than minty, the sauce is gooey and thick (but not runny or an escape artist in disguise), and compliements the crunchy wafer nicely. The mint flavour does linger a little afterwards, a mild flavour to remind you of the awesomeness you've just consumed. If they made an entire bar just of the choc mint sauce, I would so be all over it.

(For what it's worth, the nutritional panel advices that one 'square', not the entire bar, is one serving. That's a sneaky way to bring those figures on the 'Be treatwise' info panel down!)

(Apologies for the terrible photos; my usual camera was already packed away for the move at the time of review.)


  1. This sounds ace! Here in the UK we just got a boring old Mint-chocolate flavoured Kitkat Chunky this year :(

    1. No mint sauce layer, no mint fudge...just mint flavoured chocolate.