Thursday, 14 February 2013

Cadbury Flake Snow

Those with a sharp memory may remember spotting the Cadbury Flake Snow out on Australian shelves a few years ago. At the time it was the second seasonal Flake (that I can remember), and was available everywhere. I spotted this Flake Snow at Coles not long ago, alongside a sign that indicated it was exclusive to Coles supermarkets.

The product doesn't seem to have changed at all (made in Australia so not imported stock), and is a 'crumby Dream white chocolate Flake covered in Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chooclate.' Pretty simple, really! I have noticed that the enrobed Flakes tend to have more chocolate in the centre - but that might just be me. I do like looking at the patterns inside!

Broken down, the bar is quite simple - white chocolate and milk chocolate. Cadbury's Bubbly White is basically the same thing - the only real difference is the appearance and maybe a minor texture change at first bite. My bar was lovely and pristine: a squarish log 12cm , enrobed in milk chocolate with faint ripples over the top. My bar was not fully covered, through; some of the bottom had holes where the base did not meet the sides. Lucky for me, no white chocolate crumbs escaped and my bar was glossy and ripe for eating.

Interestingly, it doesn't smell as sweet as a block of regular Dairy Milk. There's more of a milky note there, and it's a little bit buttery too. Thankfully, the taste is exactly as you would expect - white and milk chooclate. The bar is sweeter than its scent suggests, but not so much to make my teeth hurt. I did feel a wee bit sick afterwards.

While eating this bar, I discovered that if you bite both ends off the bar, you could effectively use it like a straw due to the ripples of the Flake causing small spaces inside. So it was obvious what my next thought was - the infamous Tim Tam Slam (the art of drinking a beverage through a Tim Tam).

Readers, please go out and buy a Flake Snow, perform a Tim Tam Slam, and report back. I imagine it would be sickly sweet and therefore delicious!

Cadbury Flake Snow contains milk and soy. It make contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.


  1. Hi there! I was just wondering if you'd please be able to direct me to a website that sells Flake Snows? It's my Mum's 50th birthday and they're her favourite chocolate bar - and we can't buy them in New Zealand anymore! It'd make my day if you could help!! :)

    1. Hi there Brionyjae. I'm afraid I have some bad news for you - the Flake Snow was a seasonal release in 2013, meaning it was only available for a limited time. Anyone you can find online selling it would likely have old stock (and it would more than likely be expired by now, too). So sorry!

    2. Awww, that's okay, thank you very much for replying! I'll have to give her an IOU and watch out for them next Christmas :)