Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Nestle Milkybar Big Round Milk & Cookies

Nestle's Milkybar Milk & Cookies is really the only white chocolate and biscuit chocolate bar we have available in Australia (not counting imported products, or blocks).It's been around for many years, and used to be available in the medium (around 50g) bar as well as the king size (around 80g) bar, as well as a 200g block, but several years ago Nestle decided to discontinue the medium bar and just retain the king bar and the large block.

The 'Big Round', I've been told by my rep, was introduced as a smaller product to be marketed at children, as kids generally don't go and buy an 80g bar or a large block. Based on the small 20g-size of other Nestle products the Mint Pattie and Coconut Rough, the Big Round is 20g of white chocolate studded with bits of chocolate biscuit.

The chocolate (I can't really call it a bar) measures 6.5cm in diameter, and 5mm thick. The top of the circle is moulded into the shape of a sheriff's star, a rather cute tie-in with the original wild west 'Milkybar Kid' from the commercials back in the 90s. On top of that is the Milkybar logo, complete with surrounding milk splash. The sheriff's star isn't as detailed as the Milkybar logo, but both are smoothly moulded with no flaws or bubbles. The chocolate is very smooth and glossy, and smells like, well, milk and cookies. It's a creamy, teasing scent.

The rear shows the biscuit pieces off better; they provide a little texture to the surface. The biscuit pieces vary from larger pieces around 4mm in size, down to tiny little crumbs that add visual interest to the piece.

Unfortunately, I didn't pick up a king size Milkybar Milk & Cookies for comparison as I was hoping to (supermarkets don't sell the king size bars I don't think), but I would hazard a guess that the density of the biscuit pieces in the Round is different to what you would find in the king size bar or the block. Despite the inspiring textured back, snapping open the bar shows a more minimal scattering of pieces throughout the white chocolate.

The snap of the bar is good; mine is nice and fresh, and it snaps with a good sound. White chocolate is the dominant flavour, it tastes as though the biscuit pieces are there more for texture than flavour. I do get very, very mild chocolate milkshake flavours, but that might be more my imagination. The crunch of the biscuit pieces is good; again, the Round seems to be nice and fresh. The pieces crumble nicely, and don't stick in my teeth. Always a plus!

Interestingly, I don't find the Round to be as sweet as the block or bar. That may be due to the thickness, but I have found in the past that the bar or block can be sweet enough to make your teeth hurt. I'm not finding that with this. I would be interested to see if the ingredients are different, or if that's just a result of the portion sizes being different.

Milkybar Big Round Milk & Cookies contains milk, wheat and soy, and is made on equipment that processes products containing peanuts, tree nuts and egg.

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  1. Here in Australia the Milky Bar was a Dairy Confection. It did not contain any chocolate.
    That product is no longer available seemingly replaced by that in above blog.