Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cadbury Cherry Ripe Double Dipped

Seems Cadbury have jumped on the seasonal bandwagon with their releases! In 2010 Cadbury released the 'Cherry Ripe Roll', a round version of the Aussie classic Cherry Ripe covered in extra coconut, and then last year we saw the Dark Cherry version of Cherry Ripe.

The 2012 limited edition Cadbury Cherry Ripe Double Dipped is a play on the standard Cherry Ripe bar. While both are covered in Cadbury Old Gold chocolate, the Double Dipped version contains 60% cocoa solids in the chocolate (the Old Gold blocks contain 45%). I'm not sure how Cadbury can claim it's Old Gold dark chocolate when it's not - although I suppose if it's not the 'Original' version then it doesn't really matter.

Around this time last year I reviewed the Cherry Ripe Dark Cherry version, and I just went back to check out the photos, as Cherry Ripe bars are not a product I normally pick up for myself.

I was surprised to discover the bar smelled strongly of the dark chocolate, so much so that it almost overpowered any cherry or coconut scent for me. Only after a while could I detect a mild cherry layer. The bar itself isn't strongly scented - it won't make your office or your car smell like chocolate - but the scent is there.

The Double Dipped bar may not have been literally dipped, but it does have a hearty layer of dark chocolate on  top of the bar. At the thickest section, the chocolate is about 4mm thick. It gives a solid thunk when snapped, and definitely ensures that the bar is just about impossible to squash. There doesn't seem to be more than the bare minimum of extra on the sides and base of the bar, though. The distinctive Cherry Ripe ripples on the top of the bar are muted by the extra chocolate to mere bumps only detectable by touch.

The extra chocolate at the top seems to have come at a price;  the cherry and coconut filling seems a lot thinner than I remember, taking up just two-thirds of the bar height-wise. It's still a pretty dense bar, and a good size for its 50g weight.

Inside, the coconut is a dull rosy pink colour, occasionally dotted with pieces of glace cherry.  The flaky coconut is very moist and chewy but does have a bit of that medicinal tang to it. Thankfully, the richness of the extra-dark Old Gold balances that out, instead highlighting the sweet bursts of glace cherry, and then lingering a bit afterwards. The thick top layer is fun to bite through - it's very solid compared to the coconut underneath.

Overall, despite the extra cocoa in the chocolate, the bar is still very sweet. I had trouble finishing the bar, and needed a big drink of water afterwards to clear my throat. Having said that, it would probably make a nice cheesecake (I think I've seen a Cherry Ripe cheesecake recipe floating around somewhere) where you could make the slices very thin.

The Cherry Ripe Double Dipped bar contains wheat glucose syrup, milk, soy and sulphates. It may contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts and wheat. It is made in Australia.

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  1. I miss this bar and am disappointed to hear it was not literally double dipped!