Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Gossip: Mars Bags, and Mars Bars

If you haven't spotted the new 'marsupial' (blame Mars marketing for that gem) pouch bags in your local supermarket, you can expect to see them filtering though very soon. Don't worry - the weight hasn't changed, it's just a packaging swap. The new packaging will be available on M&M's, Pods, Maltesers and Dove Pormises.

To conincide with the new resealable bags, Mars have also launched a new interactive animation on each M&M's package. A free app is available (confirmed for iPhone; I don't know if it will be available for Android), which users then used to scan a specific area on the pack of the pack. They are then presented with a fun animation of the M&M' characters: Red, Blue, Yellow, Ms Green and Miss Brown. There will be a different animation for each variety, and a new animation each month.

Speaking of M&M's, the new seasonal flavour, due to be launched next month, is Crispy Milky Chocolate Orange. The last time we saw orange was a few years ago in dark chocolate, so this variety is a welcome change. I know the Crispy Mint from a few years ago was well received by the public, and I expect Crispy Orange will be as well.

Unfortunately I'm no closer to finding out the new flavour of Mars Bar, which will be launched in December. Vanilla, this year's seasonal flavour, has been discontinued (and if it hasn't already, it will be soon) in preparation for the launch.

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