Saturday, 24 January 2015

Mentos Tutti Frutti

Stewart Alexander seem to be upping the frequency of imported Mentos flavours here in Australia. Tutti Frutti is an international flavour that has been available overseas for some time, but only made the jump to our island mid-late last year.

Like a lot of other flavours in the lolly world (blue raspberry, I'm looking at you!), tutti frutti is made up. It's not based off any real fruit; rather, it's a conglomeration of various fruit flavours, usually of the berry kind. When I think of tutti frutti, I think of bubblegum: it's a cheerful, sweet and berry-ish flavour without a lot of depth. So, to me, a tutti frutti Mentos is a fairly reasonable progression for the dragee brand.

Dressed in a bright pink wrapper with matching foil, tutti frutti Mentos have an appearance that's much the same as any other Mentos rolls. The illustration on the front of the package just shows two of the Mentos themselves, although they are considerably different in colour. The dragees in the packet are a very soft baby pink. (Put them together with strawberry and raspberry Mentos and I thin you'd have a lot of trouble telling them apart!)

The pieces don't have a real scent to them. The outer shell holds a good amount of flavour; it's strong and sweet with that artificial bubblegum flavour I associate with cheap lollies. Biting into the piece reveals a brighter, bolder version of the flavour; it's strong and I can detect notes of strawberry. I have to stop myself from trying to blow bubbles! The dragee softens quickly with chewing and disintegrates soon after. The flavour is strong even after the piece is finished.

Although tutti frutti and bubblegum are not flavours I would pick up for myself, they are a fun, playful flavour that's a bit different to the fruit-based varieties Mentos usually produces. It's a good sugary pick-me-up that actually tastes like sugar.

Score: 4 out of 5 jelly beans.

Mentos Tutti Frutti are made in China and contain milk and glucose products.

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