Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Capricorn Mallow Moments Strawberry Pavlova

Back in October I spotted a new range from Australian brand Capricorn, a company best known for its licorice range. They have branched out somewhat and turned their attention to covered marshmallows, a market that includes very few products. (In 2012, Pascal released a range of chocolate-covered flavoured marshmallows.) Capricorn seem to have accepted the challenge of expanding the area, and have introduced three new flavours of covered marshmallows. We're taking a first look at the range with Strawberry Pavlova.

The important factor to note with Capricorn's Mallow Moments is that they are more than just a covered marshmallow; the coating includes a bit of texture with the addition of lolly pieces related to the flavour. It's kind of like chocolate snowballs, but taken to a whole new level.

Strawberry pavlova is a genius flavour idea for this confectionery; the marshmallow is reminiscent of the slightly chewy inner centre that occurs sometimes in meringues. Described as 'strawberry flavoured marshmallow drops smothered in creamy white chocolate, coated with crunchy meringue', the moments sound appetising, and they look it too. The foil bag holds just 130g, but marshmallows are lightweight, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Each bite is about 3cm wide and about 2.5cm tall, and the white chocolate coating has given the marshmallow a definite 'drop' look, with a lopsided top. The coating is thorough, and each bite is intact. True to the description, each moment has been dusted with crumbs of meringue, and the distribution is quite even across the bag's contents.

There's very little to give away the strawberry flavour of the centre; the coating has done a good job of sealing it inside. Despite feeling firm to the touch, the coating breaks easily when bitten, revealing an almost-rose-pink centre. The meringue crumbs are sweet and sugary, adding good texture to the soft marshmallow and chocolate coating. The chocolate coating is sweet, but not overpoweringly so. It has very little in terms of actual flavour, though. The marshmallow is smooth and well-aerated, and bouncy and easy to chew. Disappointingly, the strawberry flavour is barely existent. I would not be able to detect the flavour if I was unaware of the label.

While it is still a pleasant lolly, the flavour fails in living up to its Strawberry Pavlova flavour. This could have been a ground-shakingly awesome marshmallow; Capricorn just needs to amp up the flavour.

Score: 4 out of 4 jelly beans

Capricorn Mallow Moments Strawberry Pavlova is made in Australia. It contains no artificial flavours or colours. It contains wheat, milk, soya and preservative 220 (sulphur dixoide). Five moments are one serve.

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