Thursday, 24 April 2014

Mentos Grape

Last month, Stewart Alezander, the distributors of internationally-owned brand Mentos, released a Woolworths-exclusive limited-edition flavour of the sweet chewy lollies. While not new to the rest of the world, Grape, to my knowledge, hasn't had its own single-flavour roll in Australia before.

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Grape is more commonly known found in the mixed-flavour roll Rainbow (and its 2.0 version of Rainbow from November last year). Over the last couple of years, the disibutors have been experimenting with introducing single-flavour rolls to the Australian market, trialling them alongside existing rolls like Mint and Spearmint.

The roll's packaging is purple, indicating the flavour will be more black grape than green grape. The dragees, as Mentos refers to the pieces, are standard size, with a firm candy shell unmarred by transport. Unfortunately the purple colouring has not followed over to the colouring of the pieces; they are more of a pinky mauve.

There's no discernible scent, but the flavour is sweet, strong and artificial. It's along the lines of Hubba Bubba Grape bubblegum, but with a little bit of tartiness to get those juices going. It's odd that I found the flavour artificial, as the product uses reconstituted grape juice along with other flavours.

Even though the roll only carries one flavour, I found grape a strong enough flavour to be marketed on its own.

Score: 4 out of 5 jelly beans.

Mentos are made in China and contains milk and glucose products.

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