Friday, 25 April 2014

Gossip: Cadbury Cherry Ripe 90-Year Anniversary

Cadbury's famous Cherry Ripe bar celebrates its 90-year anniversary in 2014, and to celebrate Cadbury are putting out two limited editions of the coconut cherry bar.

There will be a new 'Cherry Ripe Ganache' in the medium bar range:

The bar is described as a Cherry Ripe bar 'enhanced by a layer of dark chocolate ganache'. Yum! It may come in a pink wrapper or a red wrapper as pictured above. Which do you like more?

And Twitter user @nevereverKatie has identified the second release; a large block of Old Gold dark chocolate with pieces of Cherry Ripe filling scattered throughout.

Will you be trying these when they land in your area? Isn't it amazing - what a milestone for one of Australia's favourites!


  1. I only just found the Cheery Ripe old gold block - it's AMAZING and now I can't find it :(

  2. I hope this is not a 'one off' product, it is fantastic. It sold out so fast and now there is no stocks left. We want MORE !!!!