Sunday, 29 September 2013

Cadbury Crispello Double Choc

Last week I reviewed the first of two flavours of the imported Cadbury Crispello, Velvet Vanilla. It got a score of just three stars out of five - I wonder if this one will do any better?

Crispello is made in the Czech Republic, and originally sold in the UK. It debuted there in 2012 with the Double Choc flavour, and then added the Velvet Vanilla flavour earlier this year. I found Velvet Vanilla uninspired, but still have hopes for Double Choc. This variety has the same format as the vanilla variety - three bite-size pieces of wafer pillows, filled with a flavoured product, and then coated in Cadbury milk chocolate. (Note that it's not Dairy Milk chocolate, just 'milk chocolate'.) After I took the photos, I sat down to edit them, and was struck by the similarity between these and Kinder Bueno. While I haven't reviewed Buenos, they are one of my favourite confectioneries. Crispellos have a similar construction - a wafer pillow, filled with a soft flavoured product, and then the whole thing is coated in chocolate. There's nothing quite like Buenos on the market here in Australia - they really have their own little niche - so I wonder if Buenos inspired the creation of Crispellos. The names are similar enough - the word 'bueno' is Spanish, and the 'o' at the end of Crispello could be taken as Spanish-inspired. But enough linguistics.

Like Velvet Vanilla, the Double Choc Crispello has a 29% cocoa solid chocoalte coating over a wafer pillow that is has a soft, creamy filling. Predictably, the filling on this variety is brown - around the colour of hot chocolate - and chocolate flavoured. It actually leaves a bit towards the praline side of things, even though there is no hazelnut in the ingredients list. It's a little bit sweet, and a little watered down in strength, but nice all the same.

Thankfully the wafer adds a nice bit of texture to the bite. The outer chocolate layer melts quickly, adding a bit of extra sweetness to the bite, but the whole thing is pleasantly nice. It's a little bit like Nutella in taste, with those hazelnut notes. My wafer did seem a touch stale (but that could be due to the time between opening the packet and actually writing the review). I found these a more satisfying than the Velvet Vanilla. The chocolate flavour lingers for longer afterwards. I think these would probably go nicely with a cup of coffee.

Score: 4 out of 5 stars.

Cadbury Crispello Double Choc is made in the Czech Republic. It contains milk, wheat and soy products, and may contain traces of egg and tree nuts.


  1. TL;dr: way too much time on OP's hands

  2. To the ham who commented before me, obvious troll is obvious

  3. I found them really boring. Like it's trying to be something awesome but can't find it's identity. It's just a weak chocolate. Especially after eating a snickers is it's weakness really obviously. Just didn't dig it. 3/10.