Thursday, 18 April 2013

Gossip: Cadbury 10% More Blocks

According to Cadbury's Facebook page, their large chocolate blocks are being upgraded 10% in size. The 200gm blocks will increase to 220gm (up from 200gm); other sizes will go up as well. Yet it was only four years ago that Cadbury made the change from 250gm blocks down to 200gm, so you can make the decision whether this is a nice change! There's no word if the sizing change is permanent or just a promotion.

In addition, the blocks will have new packaging (a plastic/foil wrapper instead of cardboard and foil), and the pieces in the block will also have a different shape (as shown below). It will take some sampling to see if the new shape is used consistently over the different varieties, or if Cadbury will continue to do as they have done in the past and use different shapes for different varieties.

For nut lovers, you will be pleased to note that along with these other changes, Cadbury will be using whole nuts instead of nut pieces in their blocks that contain nuts.



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  2. $4.59 at Woolworths here last week for a 200gm Dairy Milk block. Is it just me or is that ridiculously expensive?