Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Mentos Grape Mix

Stewart Alexander, the distributors of Mentos in Australia, timed the release of this new flavour to coincide with a new packaging format called 'Tear and Share'. It was originally limited to just the Grape Mix flavour, but has since rolled out in the Very Berry flavour combo. I wanted to pick one up for the blog but they were sold out, so I went with the traditional roll instead.

Like we've seen before with other Mentos flavours, Grape Mix is available internationally. The pack contains three different flavours, all based on grapes: white, black and red, which are illustrated on the wrapper. (The Grape limited edition from last year appears to just use black grapes, although the colouring of the actual dragees is different to those in this packet.)

The flavour distribution is a bit skewiff; I only got three of the light purple pieces, but seven each of the green and pink. The green pieces represent green (or white) grapes, the colour that produces white wine. The shell has a very light, refreshing flavour that gets stronger. It's sweet, along the lines of Grapetiser. The centre has the sharp, dry notes that are very strong, almost overpowering at first before they ease, with a touch of sourness. It's a very bold piece.

The bright pink pieces are for red grapes. The flavour from the shell is soft, sweet and warm, with a little jamminess. The flavour stays much the same through the centre, only becoming a little stronger with the chew. This was quite pleasant, with a strong aftertaste.

The soft purple pieces are black grapes. Their flavour is milder, sweet and a little jammy. The grape flavour is spot-on.

Score: 4.5 out of 5 jelly beans.

Mentos Grape Mix is made in China. They contain milk and glucose products.

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