Thursday, 19 February 2015

Gossip: new M&M's, new Pods and new Mentos!

Another month and the new releases just keep on rolling! There are some really exciting ones this time around, so read on and keep an eye on those shelves!

The whole Mars family is busy with new releases to the Pods, Mars and M&M's ranges.

It feels like an eternity ago since Pods' last LE flavour, Cookies and Cream, was announced back in March 2014, but really they are right on schedule.

A new flavour from our favourite bite-size pieces of chocolate is exciting news, even if it is a slightly curious one! M&M's have announced their next limited edition to replace the current Pineapple, and it is Toffee Apple. Certainly will be interesting to see how these go! I suspect the flavour will be similar, if not the same, as the US release Candy Apple. (Edit: Coles has the new flavour on their shelves already!)

Blog reader Anonymous has some info on ANOTHER sneaky M&M's flavour: Banana! We're not sure of any information regarding the release yet, so you'll just have to hang tight until this one is officially announced! Thanks Anonymous!

I've just discovered the next limited edition Mars bar flavour will be called Darkside. It's so new I don't even have a picture yet!

Stewart Alexander, the distributors of international brand Mentos, have brought another flavour from the shelves of lolly stores overseas to Australia with a new Sours roll. I'm not sure if it is a limited edition or part of the normal range.

Lindt have been sneaky and announced four new flavours to their various sub-ranges: two to the HELLO range, and one each to the Excellence and Creation ranges.

Say Hello to Sweet Popcorn and Dark Chocolate Cookie:

and to Raspberry Intense and Decadent Chocolate Fondant.

Cadbury have returned a crowd favourite for this year's Cherry Ripe limited edition: welcome back to the Cherry Roll.

Speaking of Cadbury, I've also heard whispers that the Breakaway block will be returning soon... And in new milk, dark and hazelnut varieties! You heard it here first!


  1. Banana M&Ms? I cannot wait, release them now!!!

  2. I love Cadbury Breakaway. Can't wait for its return.