Saturday, 6 September 2014

Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids are a worldwide favourite, especially in the US. They only reached Australian shores earlier this year, and are available here in three formats; a 170g bag, a medium-size 65g single serve, and mini 'funsize' bags that are about 20g each. The flavours are a generic mix - the packet doesn't elaborate but the flavours are fruit-inspired. In other countries, specialised flavours are available, including Blue Raspberry, Berries, Extreme, and other flavours.

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The very first curiosity I noticed on my packet is that these particular Sour Patch Kids are made here in Australia, by the Natural Confectionery Company (Cadbury). The trade mark is used under license, but I wonder how similar the recipe is? Here's the ingredients list for the (presumably US-market) version - note the differences between that and the list on the packet pictured below. I'm going to hazard a guess that these Sour Patch Kids will taste slightly different to those found overseas.

Moving on. The bag contains five different flavours, and the moulded character is the same for each flavour. He's about 3cm tall, 1cm wide and 5mm thick, so a slightly bigger version of a gummi bear. The 'kids' are sanded in a sour sugar, quite thoroughly. I have a low tolerance for sour things but the sanding had barely any effect, which was disappointing. Texture-wise, they are a rather sticky jelly; I found that they stuck to my teeth quite easily. The pieces are firm but break apart easily when bitten.

Orange tastes similar to sweetened, watered-down orange soft drink at first.They are sweet.

Green kids are a lime flavour. I did get a little sourness with this flavour, but it's hard to tell if it's from the sanding or the jelly itself. They are a little bitter, and more like what I associate with sour lollies.

Dark red is the most sour so far. It has a lovely berry flavour that doesn't lean in any specific direction. It sweetens the longer the piece is left in the mouth after the sanding has dissolved.

Yellow pieces are lemon flavour. They taste artificial, like lemon sherbet bombs (the ones that come in the clear plastic wrapper, not the waxed paper). They're not very sour, but they are pleasant.

Red kid, like the orange pieces, are practically sour-free. They have a strong raspberry flavour right from the start; it has a good tang and richness that develops.

Although they were not particularly sour to me, I found Sour Patch Kids to be quite enjoyable, and I'll probably finish the bag. If you have some international Sour Patch Kids with you, I'd love to hear if you can detect a difference in the flavour!

Score: 4 out of 5 jelly beans.

Sour Patch Kids are made in Australia. They contain wheat.


  1. Hi thanks for the review but a more clearer picture of the back of the packet would help people with allergies especially when it comes to the bit that says contains wheat. For those who can't have Gluten.

  2. Oh and lets not confuse the American made version they state theirs is Gluten free were the Australian made version is not Gluten free. Make sure you read the ingredients carefully.

  3. Dark Red is black current