Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Mentos Very Berry

Mentos seem to be developing a habit of mixing flavours for new releases, rather than producing something entirely new. Very Berry is a perfect example of this, combining existing flavours of strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant into a themed roll. (Remember Berry Blast? I can't remember the flavour combo used but I'm betting it's very similar to this release.)

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According to website Australian Food News, the combination was created in response to consumer demand. Both raspberry and strawberry are a common flavours, and are apparently so popular they even gained their own single-flavour roll late last year. Blackcurrant did have its own several years ago, but was phased out of production.

The Very Berry roll is coloured in red, pink and purple, complete with illustrations of fruit on the wrapper. It's easy to identify what flavours are included. Like with the Rainbow rolls, the coloured bars on the wrapper indicate where and how many of each flavour you'll receive, meaning each roll has a precise number of pieces. There are six pieces of strawberry in total, compared to four each of raspberry and blackcurrant.

Strawberry is a pale pink colour. It has a soft, floral scent that is similar to fairy floss. The flavour is sweet and jammy, and mildly tastes of strawberry.

Blackcurrant is a nice mid-purple colour. The flavour is similar to Lifesavers Blackcurrant Pastilles - juicy and jammy and 'purple'. I also get a bit of a metallic taste as well, curiously. I didn't really enjoy these.

The raspberry pieces are a deep rosy pink. It's very faint in flavour; there's none of that boldness or tartness that I associate with a raspberry flavour. What I do get is a mild berryness. Maybe I have dodgy pieces; I remember the flavour of the Raspberry single roll being quite strong. Disappointing. I ate all the raspberry pieces in my roll and the flavour did not improve with any of them.

An unfortunately unoriginal combination of flavours, let down by the metallic aftertaste in the blackcurrant pieces.

Score: 2 out of 5 jelly beans.

Mentos are made in China and contain milk and glucose products.