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Skittles Tropical

The Tropical flavour of Skittles isn't a new one; Wikipedia indicates it was released in the US way back in 1989. However, it's the first time it's hit Australian shores as a regular product (that is, not via import stores).

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The bright blue bag is easy to spot on the shelves, and the bag style is the new 'resealable' style used by a lot of Mars products as well. (The flavour will soon be available in the smaller 45g boxes, too.) Skittles Tropical takes a different angle to flavours. Instead of each bitesize piece being one flavour, each one is a combination of two flavours: 'banana berry' (yellow), 'mango tangelo' (orange), 'strawberry starfruit' (pink), 'kiwi lime' (green) and 'pineapple passionfruit' (blue).

I had a good mix of flavours in my bag (sometimes you can end up with far more of one than another). The pieces are the same size as original Starburst, and the colours are only a few shades off. (Mixing these and originals together in the same bowl might result in a bit of confusion of flavours.) All the pieces are quite sweet with a good crunch of the shell, and finishing with a touch of graininess

Mango Tangelo starts with a strong orange cordial note from the shelf. It comes more citrusy and ends with a bit of juicy mango. Pleasant; mango fans will enjoy.

Kiwi Lime has strong, tangy lime notes at the beginning that quickly settle into that distinct kiwi fruit taste. It's fairly realistic and quite juicy.

Strawberry Starfruit is a bit artificial in flavour. It's an odd little flavour that takes a couple of goes to get used to. It's a bit tangy and a bit jammy. It might be the starfruit influence, but I've never tried one. This flavour didn't do anything for me.

Banana Berry is very artificial banana, with a bit of a sweet berry note that trie to balance it out. Otherwise the berriness isn't all that distinct.

Pineapple Passionfruit is also an odd little critter. The flavour darts between the  tartness of pineapple to the 'yellowness' of passionfruit and back again. It finishes with that Passiona artificial passionfruit flavour. In the end it just tastes like Passiona.

The bag has a god mix of flavours that match the Tropical name well. For people who like to experiment by eating two different flavours together from the original Skittles, I imagine you'll have a lot of fun with these! Although once you've had a handful the flavours all seem to blend into one another anyway.

Score: 3.5 out of 5 jelly beans

Skittles Tropical are made in the USA and brought to Australia by The Wrigley Company. They contain glucose, and may contain wheat.

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