Saturday, 10 August 2013

Gossip: Wonka Bars

Wonka is a brand that has existing in Australia for many years, but mainly in the form of lollies - Nerds, Nerd Ropes, Gobstoppers and Raspberry Twists. Internationally, Wonka is more well-known for its chocolate range. Previously, the only way to get Wonka chocolate in Australia was to purchase it from import stores, or import it yourself. Until now:

 (Image stolen from Woolworths Facebook page.)

These are being distributed by Nestle. Woolworths and Coles have been confirmed to be stocking the Wonka chocolate block range in stores. (If you see it at other chains - let me know!) The 170g blocks come in four flavours: Chocolate Tales, Triple Chocolate Whipple, Nutty Crunchilicious and Caramel Hat Trick, and come in a cardboard envelope wrapper. The blocks themselves are uniquely shaped into an open book, and are moulded with a story in the top of the block.

Even better, these are made in Australia - they are not imported stock. Good one, Nestle!

I spotted three of the four flavours in Coles a couple of days ago.

Do any of these new flavours take your fancy? What will you be trying first?


  1. Big display at my local Woolies with all four flavors!

  2. Tried them all, I must say, Chocolate Tales is probably my fav as it's the most reminiscent of the tie-in Wonka bars they had out at the time of the Tim Burton film. I like Triple Chocolate Whipple too, though.

    Guessing the resurrection of Wonka chocolate is to combat Cadbury's Marvellous Creations?

  3. I just tried the 'Triple Chocolate Whipple', I chose this bar mostly for the cookie part. The bar as a whole is quite nice, but the middle piece which is meant to contain a cookie base has about two cookie crumbs (just larger than a speck of dust each) per chocolate square. Quite disappointing.

  4. I love them all, my most fav is the 'Triple Chocolate Whipple' Yum!!

  5. Total cals in 170g block. In all varieties

  6. Are all of these chocolate bars Limited Editions???

    1. HI Anon.
      I'm not sure. Thre's no text on the pack indicating as such, so I'm assuming not, although they might get pulled (or individual flavours pulled) if they don't sell well, same as most releases.

    2. Not all limited edition products have these words written on them, so really, they either are or aren't.